Goodbye and good wishes to our colleague and graduate Kelly Jones

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New Orleans
United States

This week is bittersweet for many of us in the university as we bid farewell and best wishes to our collaborator, colleague and former student Kelly Jones. Kelly, a Spring 2013 of the Payson International Development Master's program, has also for the last two years been the Program Coordinator for Tulane's Center for Inter-American Policy and Research (CIPR), a frequent Payson collaborator. Kelly has been lured away to Asunción, Paraguay, where she will help another current Payson student, PhD student Martín Burt. Martín, in his "day job" is the head of Paraguay's largest non-governmental organization, the internationally celebrated and copied Fundación Paraguaya. Martín knows talent when he sees it and he will be lucky to have Kelly helping him on grants and related projects. So we couldn't be sadder to see her go but send Kelly all of our best wishes — Kelly, you have always been a pleasure to work with! 

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