Panama Field Work Experience - Fall 2014

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United Nations Regional Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean Panama City

We have finished the Fall 2014 semester of the Payson Panama Field Work Experience! All three students involved in this program completed a demanding internship with the United Nations Development Programme and were lauded by UN colleagues for their efforts.

Sheriff Kora, in the regional/global ICT unit, worked on the technical and function testing of the Crowdsourcing Internet platform funded by the UNDP Libya Country Office. This platform is designed for broadening citizen participation in governance as Libya progresses with democratic reform. Rummanul Ferdous, in the Procurement division, designed new databases and tracking mechanisms for monitoring UN hub agency delivery of common services. And Stephanie Manciagli, was involved with UNDP Project Assurance throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and the production of a critical review of the Spanish government sponsored Promoting Climate Change Adaptation, Energy and Environment project.

The outputs of all Payson students were well received not only by their UNDP Regional Centre supervisors but also by UNDP headquarters directors in New York. 


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