A visit with Professor Silas Lwakabamba, the Rwandan Minister of Education

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One of our last meetings in Rwanda last week was with Professor Silas Lwakabamba, the Rwandan Minister of Education. Payson has had a Rwanda office in Kigali through Tulane International LLC for 13 years and has been working there steadily for 15. Silas has been a longtime friend, supporter and collaborator in our projects. So I was very excited to meet him. I was not disappointed. Silas was the former head of Rwanda’s principal institute for vocational and technical education and then became the Rector (like the President) of what is now the University of Rwanda. In both of those posts he was credited with significantly improving the strength of those institutions, not only in professionalism, quality of teaching and learning, but also in attracting increased research funding. He subsequently became Minister of Infrastructure and just a few months ago was appointed to serve in the Ministry that deals with his passion — education.

Lwakabambais a great proponent of incorporating new technologies into teaching and learning and immediately told us that he wants to bring our in-country Instructional Technology Technologist, Saurabh Kamalapurkar, onto his innovation team. We should all be so lucky to be blessed with government officials who immediately seize upon possibilities to collaborate — especially with someone as talented as Saurabh! Payson very much looks forward to years of continued collaboration with the Minister and with the Rwandan Ministry of Educaiton in continuing to help make Rwanda a model for higher education in Africa and beyond.

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