Ecological Perspectives in Development: Lessons from Biosphere 2, Ecotechnics and Innovative Sewage Treatment

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Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 5:00pm
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With Dr. Mark Nelson

Dr. Mark Nelson is the Chairman and CEO of the Institute of Ecotechnics, a U.K. non-profit organization. Dr. Nelson works in the areas of closed ecological system research, ecological engineering, the restoration of damaged ecosystems, desert agriculture and orchardry and wastewater recycling. Dr. Nelson was a member of the Biosphere 2 research crew, and while he was enclosed from 1991-1993, he managed the wetland sewage treatment system. His most recent book, The Wastewater Gardener, describes his experience learning about and establishing wastewater gardens in critical biomes around the world, in locations ranging from Indonesia to Iraq.

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