PhD Research Seminar: Brown Bag Lunch

Event Date: 
Friday, April 10, 2015 -
12:00pm to 1:30pm
Campus Location: 
Room Number: 
Suite 300 Conference Room and GoToMeeting

Dr. Dauphine Sloan, Graduate and Doctoral Program Advisor is initiating a doctoral seminar series for students to discuss their research progress with their peers and one or two faculty members.

The first “brown bag” lunch meeting will be on Friday, April 10th from 12:00 to 1:30pm in the Payson conference room (300 Hebert Hall), and accessible via Go To Meeting ® (see instructions provided below).

The format of the seminar series is still open, and we would like to use this first meeting to brainstorm on your needs and how they can best be addressed.  Currently, the idea is that all Payson PhD students and candidates present their work on a regular basis and identify potential roadblocks that may require additional attention.  Speakers would thus get instant feedback from students and faculty.  In addition, some of the issues raised could be addressed in subsequent seminars, workshops, and meetings with doctoral committee members.

Jessica Ports and Greg Sclama have volunteered to be our first speakers.  They will be sharing their current research respectively on "ICTs & Disaster Preparedness Innovations: Red Cross Global Smartphone Apps" and “Food System Approaches to Improving Micronutrient Deficiencies: A Value Chain Analysis of Traditional Fermented Foods." They will discuss the substance of and approaches to their work while identifying specific challenges they may be encountering. 

In addition, Dr. Donna Bender, CAPS (former ERC) Director at Tulane, has agreed to participate in this first seminar.  Indeed she would like to meet you, have a better sense of your work, needs and challenges, and possibly offer a special Payson workshop before the end of this semester.  This would be a condensed and International Development PhD targeted version of the “Dissertation Progress Group” Dr. Bender leads on a university-wide basis.

Distance login via Go To Meeting ®:

1.  Please join my meeting.

2. You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP).  A headset is recommended.

Meeting ID: 439-026-486

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