I still have questions that have not been answered on the Website, can I contact some current students or alumni?

Yes, please call 504.865.5240 or email us and we will put you in touch with somebody who can answer your questions.

My job requires frequent travel, can I still attend your program?

Yes! Many courses meet only once a week and all core courses are available in a technology-assisted, distance learning format enabling you to do your course work while traveling, provided you have access to a computer and Internet. Payson requires that 50% of your courses be completed onsite, the remaining 50% can be completed online. This allows for greater flexibility from semester to semester for working professionals.

Can foreign students apply?

Yes, international students are encouraged to apply.  International students should be proficient in the English language (please provide TOEFL scores where applicable) and will follow the same protocol as other non-Tulane students and professionals for applying to our programs.

I am currently applying to the Payson Center's International Development program, may I participate in the Summer Institute programs and apply them toward my graduate degree?

If you intend on joining our graduate academic program at the Payson Center, you should not take any courses in the Summer Institute until you have been accepted into the program.  Once you are accepted into the program, you may take our summer courses and they will apply toward your degree.  Unfortunately, if you participate in our Summer Institute courses prior to being accepted into our graduate program, you will NOT be able to apply the credits earned during the summer to your graduate degree at Tulane.

Are there any scholarships available?

Unfortunately, no scholarships are available for our programs. Students are encouraged to apply for Federal Financial Aid through Tulane's Financial Aid Office.

Who is eligible to participate in the Payson Center Summer Institute?

Tulane graduate students and non-Tulane graduate level students. Please see the "Applying for an Institute" section for further details. Non-Tulane students will need to apply to Tulane as non-degree students through the Payson Center if they would like to earn academic credit for the courses. You must check with your institution to see if you can apply transfer credits to your degree. Non-degree students may only take up to twelve (12) credit hours at Tulane.

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