Geneva 2014 Summer for Development (Undergraduate Study Abroad)

What is the deadline to apply?


The deadline to apply is March 18th .  We encourage you to apply as applications are considered on a rolling basis and some programs fill up rather quickly.

What types of activities will be provided by the program?

In addition to regularly scheduled classes, there are social and educational activities organized by Tulane. In the past years, these have included tours, sites of historical interest, and museum visits. A calendar of all activities will be given to you when you arrive at the program

Will I need to bring any business attire with me?


Please bring make available business casual attire for visits to/by professional organizations, and other such occasions. 

Am I eligible if I am under disciplinary probation?

Students who are on disciplinary probation during the semester or term in which they intend to study abroad are not eligible to participate in a Newcomb-Tulane study abroad program.

What are the core curriculum requirements?

Additionally, prior to studying abroad, all Tulane students must demonstrate completion of the following components of the Newcomb-Tulane core curriculum:

    Language Competency
    Quantitative Reasoning
    Writing Proficiency
    Public Service Requirement (first level)

What is the Minimum Cumulative GPA (CGPA)?

Undergraduate students must have a 2.5 cumulative grade point average at the time of application. Please note that the Tulane standard takes precedence in study abroad selection, even if a program provider indicates that students with a lower CGPA are eligible to apply. In the event a program provider requires a higher CGPA than the Tulane standard, students must meet the higher standard.

Will you be able to accommodate vegetarians?


We will try our best to accommodate everyone’s dietary needs/restrictions.  

Do I need to carry my books to the course?

Most of the readings will be available online—so you can simply carry your laptop.

Do I need a computer?

We strongly recommend you bring your laptop if you have one—you will use it for class and it will be very convenient.  If you do not have a laptop, there are a few computers with Internet available on site.

How do I pay my tuition for the program?

You will be billed for tuition via Accounts Receivable at Tulane.  Do not send tuition payments directly to the Payson Center.  Questions regarding your tuition bill should be directed to Accounts Receivable (504-865-5368 or 800-798-7633) or via e-mail (


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