MS IDEV Panama Field Experience

Will I need to bring any business attire with me?


Please bring make available business casual attire for visits to/by professional organizations, and other such occasions. 

Will you be able to accommodate vegetarians?


We will try our best to accommodate everyone’s dietary needs/restrictions.  

Do I need a computer?

We strongly recommend you bring your laptop if you have one—you will use it for class and it will be very convenient.  If you do not have a laptop, there are a few computers with Internet available on site.

How do I pay my tuition for the program?

You will be billed for tuition via Accounts Receivable at Tulane.  Do not send tuition payments directly to the Payson Center.  Questions regarding your tuition bill should be directed to Accounts Receivable (504-865-5368 or 800-798-7633) or via e-mail (

How do I review my grades for the program?

Grades will not be posted prior to thirty days from the completion of the course. Once grades are received and posted at the end of the course, you will be able to access your grades via Gibson Online at  You can log in to Gibson Online using your Tulane username and password.  Select the Grades link to view your grades for the appropriate term.

What do I do if I cannot pay my tuition by the tuition deadline?

Please contact Accounts Receivable, (504) 865-5368, for any information regarding tuition deadlines, or late payments, as late fees are assessed directly by their office, and not by the Payson Center. Failure to pay on time will result in late fees being assessed but will not result in your being dropped from the program. No credit for participation in the program(s) will be granted if any participant fails to pay all tuition and housing expenses in full.

I am looking at similar programs offered by other universities. What makes the Payson Center’s graduate program unique?

The MS and PhD programs at Payson Center are integrated and interdisciplinary, drawing upon related fields including political science, sociology, economics, public health, disaster management, and resilience and leadership in disaster response. Practical and analytical, the courses develop problem-solving skills based upon a sound understanding of the development process. Perhaps best of all, the degree program is flexible, allowing you to design your own concentration by working in conjunction with a faculty mentor.

Are there any scholarships available?

Unfortunately, no scholarships are available for our programs. Students are encouraged to apply for Federal Financial Aid through Tulane's Financial Aid Office.

Who is eligible to participate in the Payson Center Summer Institute?

Tulane graduate students and non-Tulane graduate level students. Please see the "Applying for an Institute" section for further details. Non-Tulane students will need to apply to Tulane as non-degree students through the Payson Center if they would like to earn academic credit for the courses. You must check with your institution to see if you can apply transfer credits to your degree. Non-degree students may only take up to twelve (12) credit hours at Tulane.

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