Effective March 2012, the Payson Graduate Program in Global Development has temporarily suspended admissions to the Ph.D. program.  Please continue to check our Website for updates.

Graduate Program

Globalization is producing important and dynamic changes in our world that will require a new level of preparation for all professionals in both national and international fields. The integration of nations and people has produced many new opportunities including the potential for decreasing the enormous differences in quality of life between the industrialized and developing worlds. Technological progress has created hope for poverty alleviation and major improvements in macroeconomic management, environmental management, public administration, and most significantly, education and health. Within this context of rapid advancements and new opportunities, there is a clear need to educate professionals in the emerging complexities of development and to train them to respond effectively to the new challenges posed by globalization.

Payson Graduate Program in Global Development offers a variety of degrees to match your career objectives. In addition to our M.S. and Ph.D. programs, we also offer a joint J.D.-M.S for students at Tulane Law School. , and a newly created Master of Laws (LLM) in Development.

Many International Development (IDEV) graduate-level courses can be completed anywhere in the world. A graduate student in the Master’s program can complete a significant portion (up to 50%) of his or her program in a distance learning format.

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