Ophir Haberer

Ophir Haberer
Alumnus, B.A., research assistant at Can Tho University, Mekong Delta

Ophir Haberer is an undergraduate alumnus of Tulane University and Founder/Project Coordinator of the Tulane Hope Gardens Project, an outlet to engage students in urban gardening and sustainable living.

Ophir and his many social activisim projects were the subject of a Paysonite profile in the April 7, 2014 edition of the Payson Center, eNewsletter, The Monitor.

Li Li

Alumna, PhD, Teledyne Technologies Incorporated

Environmental specialist with expertise in international development and environmental science. Professional experience in operating air quality monitoring instruments, as well as managing and promoting air quality monitoring cooperation between countries. Excellent research and cross-cultural communication skills. Fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) and English.

Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones, Tulane Payson Center
Alumna, M.S., Fundación Paraguaya

In November 2014, I joined fellow Paysonite, Martin Burt's Fundación Paraguaya as a Project Coordinator where I will be writing grants and managing grant-based projects.  I received my B.A. in Political Science with a concentration in international relations from Tulane University.  As a Payson graduate student, I worked as the Program Coordinator at the Center for Inter-American Policy (CIPR) and Research at Tulane University.

Tanawat (Pete) Likitkererat

Alumnus, PhD, American University of Nigeria

I have my Ph.D. in International Development at The Payson Center of International Development and Technology Transfer of Tulane University. My main competencies regarding international development are strategic information collection and use including geographical information systems (GIS), health information systems, health management information, system, surveillance system and management information systems (MIS). I approach knowledge management using information technology, digital library technology, and e-learning technology as the engines for information.

Paulin Basinga

Dr. Paulin Basinga
Alumnus, PhD & MS, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

I joined the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in January 2012 as a Senior Program Officer for Integrated Delivery. My current grant portfolio focuses on health interventions for HIV and the childhood illnesses of pneumonia and diarrhea as well as the development of community health worker platforms.

Courtney J. Marshall

Alumna, Joint J.D./M.S.

My name is Courtney Marshall and I am from Austin, TX. I received my undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. I am a joint JD/MS alumna interested in international humanitarian law, women in conflict, and sustainability. 

Zaw Myat Lin

Zaw Myat Lin
Alumnus, M.S., British Council Myanmar

Hello Everyone! I am Zaw Myat Lin (people call me Zaw), a 2014 graduate of International Development at the Payson Center. I am from Myanmar (Burma) and I lived in New Orleans for one and half years. I am a development practitioner and activist with seven years of project design, implementation and monitoring experience at different levels of civil society in Myanmar. From 2009 to 2012, I worked as the Governance Officer of the British Council Myanmar and coordinated several governance-related projects across the country.

Rummanul Ferdous

Rummanul Ferdous
Alumnus, M.S.

Hello everyone, my name is Rummanul Ferdous and I am from Bangladesh. I am an alumnus MS student in International Development at Payson Center, Tulane University. I was an early participant of the Panama Field Work Experience Program.

Margaret Roberts

Margaret Roberts, Payson Center Alumni
Alumna, B.A.

After graduating from Tulane University in 2013 with a B.A. in Economics and International Development, I am spending time in Paraguay with Fundación Paraguaya working in the micro-finance office and at their financially self-sufficient agricultural school for rural entrepreneurs. While living in New Orleans, I worked with Good Work Network, Kiva New Orleans, A’s and Aces, Verti Farms and Sierra Club.

Martin Burt

Martin Burt
Alumni PhD

My name is Martin Burt and I live and work in Paraguay. I guess I would say that I am a social entrepreneur interested in developing social innovations to address chronic problems related to poverty around the world. Although my home is in South America, I moved to New Orleans for the 2013-2014 academic year to work on my PhD from the Payson Center at Tulane University. I travel extensively, since I oversee development programs throughout Latin America and Africa.


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