Dr. Anna Monhartova named one of New Orleans' Gambit Magazine's "40 under 40" for her work with A's & Aces

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In the November 5th issue of The Gambit on page 32, you will find a profile of Dr. Anna Monhartova who earned her PhD in international development at the Payson Center. Currently a faculty member, Anna co-founded the non-profit, A's & Aces with her Tulane tennis coach, David Schumacher, as a way to put development theory into practice.

A's & Aces provides tennis instruction and academic support to students at six partner schools in the New Orleans area and offers summer literacy and tennis camps to kids from around the city.  The camps teach sportsmanship, teamwork. conflict resolution skills, nutrition and more.

As a Payson professor, Monhartova uses A's & Aces to incorporate service learning into her undergraduate courses, giving Tulane students exposure to under-served public schools and the opportunity to tutor and mentor.

Anna says:

I can connect the service learners with A's & Aces which allows me to make sure the service learners have a meaningful experience, and to make sure that A's & Aces benefits from the service the volunteers provide.

Monhartova plans to expand A's & Aces and make it sustainable so it can create a replicable model for others that can be created somewhere else, to serve more children and families.

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