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Adelia DeMarsico

M.S. Candidate
Adelia DeMarsico

My name is Adelia and I am a South Florida native.  As an enthusiast for Latin America, I majored in Spanish as an undergraduate at the University of Florida and have spent significant time in Latin America traveling, teaching English, and interning. Before moving to New Orleans to pursue my post graduate degree in International Development, I worked as a middle school Spanish teacher.  Through this experience, my passion for children and education became apparent to me.  I am currently working towards my degree at Tulane with the intention of working to develop and improve educational programs to include underrepresented populations, focusing on females as well as low-income children of both genders.  Furthermore, I look forward to exploring ways in which my dovotion to education will dovetail with my interests for women and children's rights.  I am optimistic that though the Panama Field Work Experience I will have the opportunity develop fundametal skills that will help me reach my goals.  

Primary Classification: 
  • B.A., University of Florida, Spanish, 2009
  • M.S., Tulane University, International Development, expected 2017 
Country Experience: 

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