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Andres Mauricio Peña

M.S. Candidate
Andres Peña, M.S. Student Tulane Payson Center

My name is Andrés Peña. I am new to the Master’s of Science in International Development program. I will be studying distanced based from Bogotá, Colombia. This is my hometown and currently, also the city in which I Iive and work. If any of you are in the neighborhood please fell free to drop in. If not, you can contact me at (

I am very excited to begin this program because it is part of a heartfelt  career path decision I took a while back. Additionally, I very much look forward to live and study in New Orleans and become a Saints Fan.

Regarding my background, I got a business degree from the Universidad de los Andes and short after that I completed the MBA program in the same school. I guess you could say I was pretty much on track until a crisis within my family forced me to reevaluate my job, my goals and basically my life.

As a result I realized that my happiness was far from complete and when I decided to leave my latest not so distinguished position in local politics, I began to work full time in a Record Label / Cultural Development Foundation which I had started a couple of years before that. All of you are invited to check the website at ( and like it at ( We do music, we press records and basically we design and execute music based cultural projects as a means to promote local development.

Today, I consider myself to be a very happy person with a very fulfilling job which I intend to make even more by completing the Master’s of Science in International Development program.

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