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Hilary Nicole Zainab

Doctoral Student
Hilary Nicole Zainab Ervin is a Management Analyst with the HIV/AIDS Bureau at the Department of Health and Human Resources (HHS), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).  She currently serves as a Board of Director and Operational Coordinator for the Standby Task Force where she provides crisis informatics and mapping services to organizations such as UNOCHA, MSF, NetHope and others responding to complex humanitarian emergencies. Hilary served as the Nairobi Community Manager for for two years where she authored a monthly column focused on urbanization challenges and opportunities. She is a contributor to Pambazuka, a Pan-African social justice online magazine.Prior to joining the HRSA Hilary founded Development Services International, a non-profit organization that utilizes data science, geographic information systems and a human capabilities approach to tackle gender, resiliency and development issues.
Hilary is a Doctoral student in residence at the Payson Center for International Development at Tulane University’s Law School. Her dissertation focuses on the impact of gender mainstreaming on program efficacy in the response to large scale communicable disease outbreaks. Hilary holds a Master of Public Health (2010) with a concentration in Complex Emergency Management from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, a Master of Science in International Development (2011) with a concentration in Gender and Conflict from Tulane University School of Law, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Legal Institutions from American University School of Public Affairs with a minor in Gender. She has lived and worked on four continents in over 30 countries and is dedicated to supporting the attainment of sustainable human development goals and universal human rights in her work.



Primary Classification: 

Tulane University

            PhD (abd) International Development                Focus: Infectious Disease Disasters, Gender & International Development

            MS (2012) International Development                Focus: Gender-based Violence, Conflict & Development

            MPH (2010) Global Health Systems                   Focus: Complex Emergency & Disaster Management

American University

B.A. (2007) Economics & Government              Focus: Comparative Legal Institutions, Gender & Communication


Academic Experience: 

High Impact Pilot – Objective Reviewer, ONC/HHS Health Information Technology                       (July – August 2016)

            Serve as member of expert review panel evaluating applicant proposals under the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology – Funding Opportunity for High Impact Pilots. Provide critical assessment, narrative review and scoring of ability of proposed technology solutions to address the Impact Dimensions of addressing challenges of Comprehensive Medication Management, Laboratory Data Exchange, and Care Coordination. Paying particular attention to metrics associated with Practice Efficiency, Clinical Quality, Cost Efficiency, Patient Experience, Safety, Privacy and Security, and Interoperable Exchange.


Technical Reviewed - Gender Expert, UNWOMEN               (May – June 2016; February – March & April – May 2015)

Determine eligibility, ensure grantee financial and administrative requirements are met and perform budget evaluations. Performed Phase I & II evaluations in English and French of 150+ grant applications to the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women. Provide recommendations to Final Selection Committee on prospective grantees application quality, feasibility, strength of evaluation protocols and adherence to polices outlined in Request for Proposals. Ensure foreign grant applications adhere to United Nations statutes, grants policies, and fiscal management standards in budget allocation and awards proposals. Review and score proposals based on adherence to gender transformative and mainstreaming objectives providing systematic review of strategic gender and gender-equity based merit of applicants from 50+ countries.


Community Manager, d’Allant Networks – (            Nairobi, Kenya & Telecommute (October 2014- June 2016)

Author 20+ media articles for international audiences providing technical review of complex information on gender, urban equity and inclusive planning innovations targeting the Sustainable Development Goals. Increase web-traffic, conversions and stay-time on Nairobi desk by 75% over prior community manager. Demonstrate expertise on African regional political, economic social and urban development issues related to foreign policy and sustainable development priorities. Promote and generate discussion and cross-sectoral dialogue via social media on complex urban justice issues.


Gender Specialist, Katuni Consult                                                                                 Kenya (August – October 2014)

Determine eligibility, ensure grantee financial and administrative requirements are met and perform budget evaluations. Perform cost and price analysis, provide technical assistance and conduct negotiation. Ensured that mainstreaming of practical and strategic gender priorities required by the Department for International Development (DFID) were explicitly accounted for in a scale-up intervention targeting governance and tax accountability of local leaders in Somaliland. Provided technical expertise on valid and reliable transformative gender evaluation methodologies to monitor and track project impact.


Blueprint for Safety Data Analyst, New Orleans Health Department     United States (September 2013 - December 2013)

Performing data processing activities including data cleaning in preparation for analytical reporting on trends in intimate-partner violence. Provide advice and expertise on data collection analyses and methodologies including the use of 911 transcripts, police reports, demographic, victim and client services data for program planning and evaluation purposes. Prepare written summaries, reports and presentations to disseminate findings to inter-agency stakeholders, law enforcement and elected officials. Identify potential issues with data analysis and cleaning procedures to make recommendations to decision makers. Work cooperatively with others as a team to achieve a project or program goal.


Analyst, Center for Research on Highly Vulnerable Children                         New Orleans, LA (October 2012-June 2013)

Data management, transformation and visualization including cleaning and analysis of study results. Interpret data and information from Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed-Methods surveys targeting caregiver of highly vulnerable children and HIV+ youths into succinct talking points for presentation to stakeholders. Presentation development informing diverse stakeholders of evaluation findings from two USAID funded studies. Work cooperatively with others as a team to achieve a project or program goal.


Doctoral Fellow, Ministre de la Sante, Department de la Population             Rabat, Morocco (May 2012 – October 2012)

Ensure that public health program activities and procedures comply with domestic legislation and meet multi-lateral/donor agency administrative requirements. Development maternal and child health program policy guidebook and evaluate the Gender-Based Violence guidelines for medical service provision document prior to dissemination and domestication in government run health care facilities. Evaluate trends in health service utilization and monitor disease burden across 12 administrative regions to identify vulnerable, uninsured and under-serviced populations. Strengthen database infrastructure and design data collection protocols and materials for implementation in monitoring Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) programs for reporting to World Health Organization.


Doctoral Research Assistant, Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy   New Orleans, LA (September 2011 – May 2012)

Gender budget audit and gender review of emergency financing of international humanitarian response to 2010 Haitian earthquake to determine service access among most vulnerable populations. Collect and interpret research and evaluation data on knowledge transfer curriculums and knowledge development programs designed to increase the disaster response and resilience capacity of professionals in the Global South. Monitoring of trends in sexual and gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS, and water-borne illness in refugee camps. Desk review of workforce training and continuing education curriculum targeting disaster management professionals. Coordinate enumerators at Tri-State Conference of Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster Response.


Policy & Advocacy Practicum, Equality Now                                        Nairobi, Kenya (March 2009 – October 2009)

            Coordinate the development of testimony, bill reports and responses to information request by the Government of Kenya and Chief elected officers of African heads of state and their representatives to the African Union. Monitor political and economic developments in Africa related to human security policy initiatives of donor countries including the United States and African Union. Strategic outreach and development of media packages for the Solidarity for Women’s Rights in Africa Campaign. Work cooperatively with others as a team to achieve a project or program goal. Prepare written scientific and advocacy products on women’s reproductive health and female genital cutting. Publish of articles on the economic and political impact of the global financial recession on the rights of women in Africa in Pan-African journals. Member of expert-review panel for National Sexual Violence Prevention Guide.


Junior Associate, International Centre for Health, Migration, & Development            Geneva (August - November 2008)

            Research, planning and development of public health outreach programs targeting climate migration trends. Desk review and concept note writing on health system stress of increased refugee migration and asylum seeking in Switzerland and the European Union.


Graduate Student Research, Department of Community Health Sciences                New Orleans, LA (August 2007 – June 2008)

            Desk review of child maltreatment and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among disaster affected populations. Assist multi-stage mixed-methods intervention research evaluating child maltreatment among single-mother headed households affected by Hurricane Katrina. Identified, assisted testing, and refined survey measures and focus group discussion guides.


Program Coordinator, Alternative Break                         Honduras, Thailand & Burma (November 2005 – February 2007)

            Logistical coordination for multi-site research and networking project targeting Burmese diaspora and refugees. Outreach and collaboration with news agencies, human rights advocates, political groups and public health agencies requiring high level of discretion. Grassroots outreach and community mobilization for social justice and human rights advocacy. Developing reporting and strategic communications materials and social media outreach messages targeting increased education of human-rights issues and challenges in the Americas.



Administrative Assistance, Women’s and Gender Studies Department          Washington, DC(August 2005-August 2006)

Organized and executed 10 department events in adherence to University policy that promoted diversity and inclusion priorities. Extend department networks through university-wide collaborations on events addressing strategic gender goals. Provide critical support to the recurring Take Back the Night on campus events and related demonstrations on gender-rights on campus.


Selected Publications: 

Ervin, H. From Idea to Innovation: Revolutionizing Banking and Insurance in Pursuit of Smarter Cities. May 2016

Ervin, H. Pioneering Community-Led Approaches: Muungano Support Trust (MuST). February 2016

Ervin, H. Bottom-up or Top-down? Meeting in the Middle at Habitat III. January 2016.

Ervin, H. The Benefits of Community-Managed Resources. December 2015.

Ervin, H. Connecting the Periphery. November 2015

Ervin, H. Measuring Informality in Nairobi’s Jua Kali. October 2015

Ervin, H. She Builds. She Serves. She Leads. September 2015

Ervin, H. Social Enterprising Women Leading the Fight to Reduce Recidivism and Poverty. August 2015

Ervin, H. Addressing Transportation and Logistics for Nairobi Residents. July 2015

Ervin, H. Innovations in Health Care Access for Nairobi Residents. June 2015.

Ervin, H. Innovations in Legal Empowerment Education and Land Rights for the Urban Poor. May 2015.

Ervin, H. From Waste to Renewables, Transforming Life in Nairobi’s Slums. April 2015.

Ervin, H. Nairobi, A Global Leader in Using Data Informatics and Mapping Quality of Life. March 2015

Ervin, H. Impact-Sourcing, Demographics, and the Details of Youth Unemployment. February 2015

Ervin, H. Collaborative Hubs and Hack-Spaces Leverage High-Impact Technology for Poverty Alleviation. January 2015

Ervin, H. Innovation in Financial Services and Financial Literacy Training for Nairobi Residents. December 2014

Ervin, H.  Gendering Development Planning to Address Persistent Quality of Life Challenges. November 2014

Ervin, H. Master Planning Nairobi’s Way Out of the Jam. October 8th, 2014

Ervin, H. Using ICTs to Advance the LGBTI Struggle in Africa. Pambazuka News. Issue 667. February 26th, 2014

Ervin, H. Issues in Mapping Sexual Violence and Hate Crimes. OpenCrisis. February 13th, 2014

Ervin, H. 2013 Annual Report: Profile of Domestic Violence in New Orleans. New Orleans Health Department

Ervin, H. Documenting Rape: Comparing Sources in Africa. In: Sage Multimedia Encyclopedia of Women in Today’s World.

Ervin, H. Gendering the Integrated Management of Maternal & Child Health Programs. Department de la Population, Ministre de la Sante. Morocco.

Kigoni, C. and Ervin, H. ICTs, Infrastructure and Entrepreneurship. ICT & Development. International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Technical Commission 9. Makerre University. Uganda 22-23 March 2010

Ervin, H. & Muriithi, C. The World Financial Meltdown: What Now for African Women? Pambazuka News. Issue 439

Ervin, H. Energy Reduction in Los Angeles. Synthesis and Regeneration. Issue 44. Fall 2007


Ervin, H. & Lacour, R. (2015, April) Spaces of Vulnerability: Mapping the Geography of Resiliency in the Context of Armed Conflict and Gendered Violence. Critical Intersections: Conflict, Gender & Power. Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict. George Mason University. Fairfax, VA

Ervin, H. (2014, November) Mapping in a Time of Ebola: Gender Considerations in Outbreak Response. Ignite Talk presented at the International Conference on Crisis Mapping. New York, NY.

Ervin, H., & Lacour, R. (2014, November) Mapping Sexual & Gender Based Violence: Approaches for Advocates & Practitioners. Self-Organized Session at the International Conference of Crisis Mapping. New York, NY.

Ervin, H. (2013, December) NOPD Response to Domestic Violence. Presented to the Domestic Violence Advisory Council. New Orleans, LA.


Svenson, N. (2015). The United Nations as a Knowledge Management System (Global Instituions). Rutledge. 1st Edition.

Waldman, A.P., Verity, A., & Roberts, S. (2013). Guidance for Collaborating with Formal Humanitarian Organizations. Digital Humanitarian Network. July 2013

Taylor, C.A., Moeller, W., Hamvas, L., Rice, J.C. (2013). Parents Professional Sources of Advice Regarding Child Discipline and Their Use of Corporal Punishment. Clinical Pediatrics. Vol. 52. Issue 2. Pp. 147-155. February 2013.

Tulane University Disaster Resiliency Leadership Academy & University of Haiti. (2012). Haiti Humanitarian Aid Evaluation: From a Resilience Perspective. Tulane University School of Social Work. May 2012.

 Taylor, C. A., Hamvas, L., & Paris, R. (2011) Perceived Instrumentality and Normativeness of Corporal Punishment Use among Black Mothers. Family Relations. Vol. 60. Issue 1. Pp. 60-72. February 2011

Country Experience: 

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