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Kady Weingart

Alumna, M.S., Emory University
Kady Weingart

Kady Weingart was the Assistant Director of the Payson Center for International Development until January of 2015. She is now the Assistant Director for Special Projects and Operations, at Emory University Research Administration Services. She has over 15 years of research administration experience (pre award and post award, program development and management experience with an international development focus. In her tenure as Assistant Director at the Payson Center, she oversaw the administrative management of all Payson sponsored activities as well as the coordination of Payson proposal development. She also administered the Payson Center's operating budget and operating activities. She sat on the International Programs Committee at Tulane University, which assists in creating sound international financial and administrative policy for all of Tulane University and Tulane International LLC, a subsidiary of Tulane University operating internationally. Currently, Kady serves as the liaison for cross-functional projects requiring research administration representation, manages selected internal projects and provides coaching, training and onboarding support for Research Administration Services at Emory University. She has organized several trainings on project development and management techniques both domestically and internationally. She has taught project budgeting and grant writing techniques seminars and workshops. She has experience working on development initiatives in East Africa, West Africa, South Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Southeast Asia. Her areas of expertise include project and program development and management, capacity building, strategic planning, and financial administration.

Primary Classification: 
  • B.A., Wheaton College, Political Science, 1999
  • M.S., Tulane University Law School, International Development, 2009
Country Experience: 
Burkina Faso
Congo (Kinshasa)
Ivory Coast
Costa Rica
South Africa
United States

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