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Nathan Morrow

Associate Research Professor
Nathan Morrow

Nathan Morrow has nearly 20 years of international research and work experience with issues of food security, child wellbeing and humanitarian response. He began giving courses at the Payson Center in 2006 and has taught a number of classes over the years for the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and a regular food security studies Global Development Summer Institute in Italy. He is the primary author and principal investigator for the forthcoming United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s Handbook for Emergency Preparedness and Response. Nathan has operational, assessment or evaluation experience in more than 20 countries with international organizations such as World Vision International and the World Food Program of the United Nations. He was Chief of Party for the multi-country humanitarian response to the Food Security and HIV/AIDS crisis in Southern Africa reaching nearly 5 million people with developmental relief approaches – considered a precursor to much of the resilience oriented programing being developed now. For the last two years, he has been the co-chair of the Emergency and Disaster Evaluation thematic group at the American Evaluation Association. Nathan continues to teach research, programing, evaluation and operations courses based in the principals of IHL, equity and justice – that should be at the center of all Global Health, Food Security, and Emergency Response interventions around the world.

Primary Classification: 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honors) (Geography) June 1997, Boston University, USA
  • Master of Arts (Geography) January 1998, Boston University, USA
  • ADB (Geography) May 2014, University of Maryland, USA -- admitted and expected dissertation completion 2016
Academic Experience: 
  • Associate Research Professor, Payson Center Tulane School of Law 2014-present
  • Associate Clinical Professor, Tulane School of Social Work, 2012-2014
  • Adjunct Professor, Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, 2006-present
  • Adjunct Professor, Payson Center Tulane School of Law 2007-2012
Selected Publications: 
  • “From complexity to food security decision-support: Novel methods of assessment and their role in enhancing the timeliness and relevance of food and nutrition security information”, with Nancy Mock and Adam Papendeick. Global Food Security. In press.
  • ”Finding the Right Balance Between Standardisation and Flexibility: A Compendium of Indicators for Measuring Child Well-Being”, with Isabelle Carboni. Child Indicators Research. 2011; 1874-897: 1-22.
  • "Application of the MODIS global supervised classification model to vegetation and land cover mapping of Central America", Mahoney et al.  International Journal of Remote Sensing, April 2000; 21: 1115-1135.
  • “Use of Potential and Actual Primary Production Models to Map Drought and Degradation in Semi-Arid Southern Africa” with Stephen Prince. EOS Transactions, 1999; 80 (46), F403.
  • "Biophysical controls on surface temperature and reflectance at a tallgrass prairie site", with Mark Friedl.  Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 1998; 92: 147-161.
  • Child Well-being Outcomes, World Vision International. Monrovia, California. 2009. Series Editor: Nathan Morrow.
Country Experience: 
Cape Verde

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