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Paul T. Winfield

Alumnus, PhD & MS, Queer People Of Color Advocacy Association
Paul T. Winfield, ABD

Paul T. Winfield attempts to personify excellence and to encourage the very best in others. With a gentle spirit, sharp mind, & passion for helping those facing challenging situations, Paul combines the benefits of strategic planning and critical thinking to overcome systemic obstacles. 

Paul recently reaffirmed his commitment to the fight for HIV/AIDS awareness, education and prevention by completing his PhD coursework and comprehensive exams at Payson. His dissertation is a White House Policy Analysis focused on HIV/AIDS among Black Gay Men (MSM). It is hoped that this research will lead to the promotion of more effective strategies in under-resourced communities. Through much dedication and perseverance Paul has successfully journeyed down a long road of developing skills that can finally be coupled with his passion. 

This HIV/AIDS work builds upon Paul’s earlier experience in education and project management. From 2010, Paul served as Assistant Dean in a College Academic Affairs office, supporting young people in their quest for achievement in pursuing their academic goals. This work affirmed Paul’s core belief that education is the most effective tool for social change. Previously, Paul worked in project management for over six years, both domestically and internationally. These experiences took Paul around the world, including Ifrane, Morocco; Nairobi, Kenya; Montevideo, Uruguay; and finally in the United States from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Washington DC,, where he currently resides. 

In Morocco, he led an international conference, which brought together participants from 15 countries, with diplomatic representation from 5 countries. Titled, Conflict of Images: Islam and the West, this one-week conference dealt with one of the most challenging issues of the time. After this, Paul managed Student Affairs for a Payson sponsored summer research institute in Nairobi, Kenya focused on HIV/AIDS Program Monitoring and Evaluation. This was Paul’s first professional experience with HIV/AIDS, and it obviously had a profound effect on him. 

Paul’s last international project built up his strategic planning skills. Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, he worked with a Non-Governmental Organization, La Mancha. This center, focused on the power of collaboration, has led many projects for UNICEF throughout South America. From there, Paul’s work took on more of a financial management nature in the United States.

Since 2006, much of Paul’s work has been in the area of growing business. Working with a small civil engineering firm in Louisiana, he helped take the business from a start-up in one city to a multi-city enterprise with several large federally funded contracts. He also helped incubate a non-profit, Applied Literacy and Learning, focused on improving the ability for people to read in inner-city, under-privileged communities. Currently, he directs the Queer People of Color Advocacy Association based in Washington, DC.

Primary Classification: 
Payson provides an excellent axis of education and experience in the field of International Development. Here you will find a diverse group of faculty whose backgrounds offer in depth global practice in the field. Further, the students bring varied histories adding to the complex gumbo of exposure. These factors work together, with the support of a caring staff and self directed curriculum to create an opportunity for you to develop into the professional that you want to be.
  • Master of Science in International Development, TULANE UNIVERSITY, New Orleans, LA 2006     
  • Master of Science in International Economics & European Studies, CORVINUS UNIVERSITY (Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration) Budapest, Hungary, 2003
    • Thesis: Socio-Economic and Political Metamorphosis: A Case Study in Transforming Societies.
    • Bachelor of Science in Sociology, SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY AND A&M COLLEGE, Baton Rouge, LA, 2001

Other Attended Institutions:

  • HIV/AIDS Program Management, Monitoring, & Evaluation Research Institute, Nairobi, Kenya; 2005
  • Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco; International Diplomacy 2004
  • Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia; International Relations 2003
  • Institut Des Hautes Etudes Economiques Et Commerciales, Paris, France; Business 2003
  • International People’s College (Den Internationale Højskole), Helsingør, Denmark; Culture 1999
Research & Teaching Specializations: 
Curriculum Vitae: 
Country Experience: 

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