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Sheriff Kora

Alumnus, MS
Sheriff Kora

I am originially from The Gambia, West Africa. I have lived in United States for most of my adult life. My interest in international development had been triggered by my experience living in Africa, and seeing the daily struggles and challenges to livelihoods. My research interests include:

  • ICT4D
  • Politics and Economic Development
  • Administrative Law and Social Justice
  • Urbanization and urban development
  • Migration and population dynamics 
  • Citizens' Security
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction
Primary Classification: 
Panama Field Work Experience Testimonial: 
As I entered my second year of grad school at the Payson Center, I was looking for an international internship that would be professionally and personally enriching. As such the Panama Field Experience seemed like a logical choice because it gave an opportunity for interning at the UNDP, obtaining developing world experience and learning an additional language. One of he greatest joys and benefits of working at the UNDP regional offices is that there is no typical day. Work there exposes one to the rigors of meaningful development projects and smart dynamic people from different backgrounds. I was considered a peer from day one, and the willingness of my colleagues to help and to give additional assignments where necessary meant I was constantly challenged. Like any new country, settling in Panama came with initial challenges; however, I saw this as a great learning experience as well. Panama also has all the facilities and modern amenities found in many big cities across the U.S. The social life was appealing to me and I found the networking opportunities at Ciudad del Saber great. As a country in transition, I found Panama to be a perfect microcosm where all the theories learned in the classroom are reinforced in real life. Given the option, I would do it all over again without hesitation.
  • B.Sc., The University of Texas at Tyler, Computer Information Systems, 2006
  • MS, Tulane Univeristy Law School, International Development, 2015
Country Experience: 

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