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Stanley Samarasinghe

Adjunct Professor
Stanley W. Samarasinghe

Stanley W. Samarasinghe is Adjunct Professor at the Payson Center and Chairman and Executive Director of Global Vision, an independent think tank in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Prominent in the fields of Economics, International Development, and Conflict Studies, Professor Samarasinghe designs and teaches post-graduate courses in International Development, Development Economics, International Health and Ethnic Conflict.  Previous positions include Director of the Payson Center’s office in Arlington, VA, and over 20 years of teaching at the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka. In 2005 he visited the Tsunami countries in Asia for the UN and co-authored a UN report titled “Coordination of International Humanitarian Assistance in Tsunami-Affected Countries.”  He is currently finishing work on the second edition of “Historical Dictionary of Sri Lanka” and writing a monograph on the “Political Economy of Development in Sri Lanka.”

Primary Classification: 
  • B.A. (Honours), University of Sri  Lanka, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, Economics, 1967
  • Ph.D., St John's College, University of Cambridge, England, Economics, 1980
Academic Experience: 
  • Professor, Payson Center for International Development, 2009—present
  • Visiting Professor, Payson Center for International Development, New Orleans, LA,  09/95 – present
  • Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka (1987-90)
  • Julien and Vernon Cornell Distinguished visiting Professor (1989-90), Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania.
  • Takemi Fellow in International Health, Harvard School of Public Health (1985-86)
Selected Publications: 
  • 2003. “Conceptual Basis and Analytical Framework for the Analysis of Local Government in Sri Lanka” in S. W R de A. Samarasinghe (editor), Challenges in Good Governance and Sustainable Development for Local Government in Sri Lanka, Friedrich Neumann Stiftung, Conrad Adeneur Stiftung, and International Centre for Ethnic Studies.
  • 2002. Political Economy of Internal Conflict in Sri Lanka, Netherlands Institute of International Relations, The Hague.
  • 2002. Corruption in South Asia: India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, (Joint editors: K M de Silva and G. H. Peiris),  International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
  • 2002. “Money Laundering: The Global Phenomenon and the Sri Lankan Situation” in: K M de Silva, G. H. Peiris, and S W R de A. Samarasinghe (eds),  Corruption in South Asia: India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka,  International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
  • 1990. Secessionist Movements in Comparative Perspective (co-editors, Ralph Premdas and Alan Anderson), London, Frances Pinter.
  • 1988. Forest Conservation and the Forestry Master Plan for Sri Lanka, (co-editor Ranjen Fernando), Colombo, Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka, (Second revised edition).


Country Experience: 
Sri Lanka

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