Payson Graduate Student Association (PGSA)

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What is PGSA?

The Payson Graduate Student Association (PGSA) is a student-led body dedicated to fostering a strong sense of community among Payson Center students (aka “Paysonites”). International Development Colloquiums, skills workshops, monthly happy hours, picnics in Audubon park, and tubing trips are just some of the activities that have been organized by PGSA. All current Payson students are welcome to attend events and bi-weekly meetings.

Who is PGSA?

You! That’s right. Any current Paysonite is welcome to join PGSA. Meetings are held every 2 weeks in Hebert Hall 300. And check out the PGSA Facebook page to connect with other Payson students and alumni!


PGSA Officers & Committee Chairs

sort descending Position PGSA Term
Kami Bruner Kami Bruner Treasurer 2013 to 2014
Kate Melman Communications Liaison 2014
Katharina Hammler Program Coordinator 2014
Laura Ospina Social Committee Chair 2014
Susan Lightfoot Schempf Susan Lightfoot Schempf Academic Committee Chair 2015 to 2016
Zaw Myat Lin Zaw Myat Lin Secretary 2013 to 2014

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