December 12, 2012

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PGSA Meeting Minutes - December 12, 2012

Attendees: Amy B., Kami B., Maille F., Kathi H., Zaw L. (Guests: Drs. L. Murphy & D. Sloan)


Amy willing to assume responsibilities for elections follow through

  • Courtney may be in Bangkok and unable to accept nomination for position
  • Need to follow-up with nominees


  • Academic Workshops – need to check with /meet Merick (new grad. Career dev. Person)
    • Career
    • Funding
  • IDCS – need to think about larger goal of this series? Is it to showcase student research or discuss development topics
    • Josh Schoop
    • Andrew Ward
    • Alex Priebe
  • Graduation Schedule
    • Friday – awards ceremony, cocktails
    • Sat. – unified ceremony in morning, law school ceremony afternoon
    • Sun. – picnic in Audubon (need to reserve large shelter soon)

Student Outreach:

  • Conferences –
    • Max A. doing internship at NOLA WTO next semester and will try to forward pertinent info./events
    • We need to remind students next semester about the opportunity for funding
    • Request information from student body on relevant conferences
  • Internships – how do we get more comprehensive & timely information about these so that they are plausible options for students? – talk with Sloan/Murphy
  • Website
    • Students need more incentive to use the website – perhaps include news & int’l dev. Issues
    • Offer more information on electives both within/outside Payson (there is a slight concern about keeping course $ in Payson – one option is to register for an independent study within Payson taught by friendly faculty connected to other depts.)
    • Establish Bulletin board for needs/sells

Discussion with Murphy & Sloan:

  • Jobs & internships
    • Need a more centralized (and visible) repository of internships, jobs – recreate the internship/job page like on the old website
    • Right now students feel the process relies too much on word of mouth
    • Faculty research presentations should happen every semester to keep students in the loop
    • Dr. Sloan has a list of organizations/entities that students can reference for opportunities – will send
    • Profsrs. Stress the need to establish a relationship with faculty
  • Skills courses should be more in depth to actually prepare students for hands-on work
  • Introduce the ritual of a town hall with Prof. Crawford each semester
  • Ph.D. Concerns
    • Disconnect between advertised degree functionalities/program opportunities and those actually available
    • Can’t use the resources of the Law School


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