Summer Institute FAQs

Are there any scholarships available?

Unfortunately, no scholarships are available for our programs. Students are encouraged to apply for Federal Financial Aid through Tulane's Financial Aid Office.

Are there prerequisites for any of the summer programs?

No, none of our Global Development Summer Institute programs have any prerequisites.

Can foreign students apply?

Yes, international students are encouraged to apply.  International students should be proficient in the English language (please provide TOEFL scores where applicable) and will follow the same protocol as other non-Tulane students and professionals for applying to our programs.

Can you help me get an internship on location while I am studying abroad?

The Program Director of each Summer Institute program may be able to assist you in setting up internships following the program.  Please get in touch with the Program Director prior to the start date to inquire about possible internship opportunities.

Do I need a computer?

We strongly recommend you bring your laptop if you have one—you will use it for class and it will be very convenient.  If you do not have a laptop, there are a few computers with Internet available on site.

Do I need a visa?

Country visa requirements vary significantly. Depending on the student's citizenship or permanent residency status, he or she may need to secure a visa.  This should be done well in advance of projected travel. The Payson Center is glad to share what information it has about these requirements and to provide required documentation, as necessary. However, students should keep in mind that their responsibility to understand the visa requirements that apply to them and to obtain the visa in a timely fashion.

Do I need to carry my books to the course?

Most of the readings will be available online—so you can simply carry your laptop.

Do you offer any study abroad programs?

We have offered summer programs in Geneva, Rome, Kenya, Thailand and Uganda. However, please bear in mind that these countries and corresponding programs are subject to change. As Payson develops relationships in other regions, additional programs may become available. Payson's Summer Institutes are open to any graduate-level and non-degree-seeking Tulane students.

How do I get financial aid for a Summer Institute?

Please contact your financial aid officer for information on eligibility and specifics on financial aid programs.  There are no scholarships or tuition waivers available for the Payson Summer Institute.  You may apply for financial aid in the form of loans through your department.  If the student does not subsequently complete hours initially registered, said student may be liable for the immediate repayment of loan funds to the lender.

How do I pay my tuition for the program?

You will be billed for tuition via Accounts Receivable at Tulane.  Do not send tuition payments directly to the Payson Center.  Questions regarding your tuition bill should be directed to Accounts Receivable (504-865-5368 or 800-798-7633) or via e-mail (


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