Health, Travel & Safety Policies

The Payson Graduate Program in Global Development is committed to doing everything reasonably possible to provide participants with a healthy and safe summer abroad experience. All students must review the study abroad policies before applying to study abroad. Students who fail to review these policies will not be informed of important issues related to Tulane's study abroad programs.

A. Please go to:

Tulane University United Healthcare

Tulane University’s United Healthcare (UHC) student health insurance provides coverage for students travelling abroad and claims are reimbursed at the Preferred Provider Level.  Under this insurance program students pay the upfront cost for visits to health providers and then apply for reimbursement.

Please go to:

C. Health & Safety Resources

United States Department of State

Visit the State Department website for the latest travel warnings, consular information sheets, and public announcements. Here you can also find valuable travel tips for students and women traveling alone.

D. Pre-departure Check-ups

All students participating in Payson Graduate Program in Global Development summer programs are required to hand in a completed physician's statement before the final approval of their application. The goal of this requirement is not to eliminate students from program participation but to identify and design a treatment plan for any medical/psychological conditions that may affect them while abroad. We recommend but do not require that students have complete physical and dental examinations before departure.

E. Health Insurance

All students participating in Payson summer programs are required to have health insurance while overseas. This requirement can be met by either:

a. enrolling in the Tulane University Student Health Insurance Plan;

F. Personal Property Insurance

Personal property insurance for students, faculty and staff traveling abroad is available at reasonable premiums and deductibles as low as $25 at Coverage can include items owned by the department as well as personal property of the traveler.  Payson Graduate Program in Global Development strongly encourages students, faculty and staff to purchase this insurance.

G. Vaccinations

Immunization requirements and health conditions vary widely by country. You should check the Center for Disease Control website for up-to-date information on the country and area to which your child will be traveling. The Tulane Student Health Center provides immunizations for a fee through its Travel Clinic.

Information is also available at the International SOS Website.

H. Prescriptions

Prescriptions written in the United States cannot be filled abroad. You should request authorization from their doctor and insurance company to obtain a supply sufficient for the time they will be abroad.

I. Code of Student Conduct & Code of Professionalism

All students participating in the Payson Graduate Program’s Summer Institute are subject to and bound by the Tulane University Code of Student Conduct, except as follows:  the responsibility to enforce the Code shall lie exclusively with the Executive Director of the Payson Program.  The Executive Director shall have the right, in his or her sole discretion, to impose any sanction authorized by the Code of Student Conduct, up to and including immediate expulsion from the summer program.

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