Transparency, Corruption and Anti-Retrovirals Management

This program is broken into four tasks designed to focus on ARV management systems and policy development. The tasks focus on regional strategies for improved ARV management and distribution, development and coordination of policies at the ministerial level, establishment of a prototype to implement final policies at the country level, trainings on policy implementation, and development of an operations research unit and ARV database to assist countries with the management of ARVs. This project is focused in ECOWAS countries with the assistance of WAHO.

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INTERHANDS – Interoperable Regional Humanitarian Assistance and Natural Disaster Training Program Center for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

The INTERHANDS program was established to educate local governmental, military, and private partners in understanding the latest trends in disaster prevention, mitigation, response and recovery. The program was designed to bring together all personnel actively working to shape disaster policy. The training concentrated on the development of improved methods of disaster management in a developing country setting. Presented at ECOWAS Program - Mali Conference.

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