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Job: HIV/AIDS Project Coordi​nator, San Diego, CA


Current Master's Student, William Conquest shared this job opportunity with his fellow Paysonites.

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Developing a Sustainable Electronic Reporting and Monitoring System for HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Rwanda

In order to assist the Rwandan government in the provision of Anti Retrovirals to people living with HIV, the Payson Center developed TRACnet, a dynamic information technology solution designed to collect, store, retrieve, and disseminate critical program, drug, and patient information related to HIV/AIDS care and treatment.  By leveraging existing infrastructure, TRACnet is being deployed to increase the efficiency of Rwanda's HIV/AIDS program management, and enhance the quality of patient care.

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University Technical Assistance Projects in Support of the Global AIDS Program-Rwanda Supplement (UTAP)

Tulane University’s Payson Center provides capacity building and technical assistance in HIV & AIDS-related

  1. strategic and operational planning,
  2. national and project-level monitoring & evaluation,
  3. ICT/GIS,
  4. research and management to CDC (Atlanta and Rwanda) as well as Rwanda’s national institutions: CNLS, TRAC, NUR-SPH.

We also designed and established the Rwanda’s national: HIV & AIDS digital library (RNHDL) and HIV & AIDS Public Interest Fellowship (RHPIF).

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Regional Project on HIV and Development: Integration of HIV/AIDS into Educational Curricula of West African Countries

The program was set up as a six-week intensive course. The interdisciplinary training-of-trainers HIV/AIDS course consisted of a variety of topics that are of pressing importance to the sub-region, including: HIV/AIDS and development, methodology, research ethics, behavioral change, project management and evaluation, financial and logistics management, IEC strategies for community participation, legal and policy aspects, and learning how to learn with technology.

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Tulane University and Kinshasa School of Public Health Partnership - Training, Research, Information Management and Community Based Program

This project focuses on the desirability of family planning and reduction of the spread of STD/HIV infections in selected countries (primarily Francophone) in West and Central Africa.  Tulane is the prime subcontractor to JHPIEGO for the Operations Research component of this project, designed to test alternative strategies for change and to promote the use of operations research as a management tool.   The contract supports applied research, integration of Operations Research into Public Health Schools, and other institution-building activities in the region.  Tulane is also responsible fo

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Innovator Dr. Laura Murphy Speaks at TEDxTU

Tulane University students will highlight New Orleanian innovators at TEDxTU: Inspire Change. The event will feature a series of five-minute talks by more than a dozen local innovators, including the Payson Center's Laura Murphy, who was appointed Carnegie Corporation of New York Professor of Social Entrepreneurship in 2011. Her research focuses on the livelihoods of the poor, the implications of the African HIV/AIDS epidemic, and the social shaping of technologies, such as mobile phones and kitchen gardens.

Event Date: 
Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 6:00pm

Sante Famille et Prevention du SIDA (SFPS) = Family Health & AIDS (FHA) West and Central Africa Regional Project

A regional project focusing on reproductive health but also with HIV/AIDS and child survival components.  Five different agencies (Tulane, JHPIEGO, JHU/CCP, PSI, FHI) where each prime contractors and worked with a Unified Management Team approach to jointly program and executed yearly work plans supporting country offices and activities in Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Togo and Cameroon.

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Technical Assistance to UNAIDS’ Monitoring and Evaluation Department

The Payson center supports the UNAIDS secretariat by providing technical assistance and capacity building within three of UNAIDS Monitoring & Evaluations department’s (M&E) projects:

  1. the normative guidance project by assisting the MERG technical working groups fulfill their roles and deliver their products
  2. the reporting project focusing on UNGASS guidelines and reporting
  3. the M&E capacity building project for global/regional support to the implementation of the third one (one national M&E system in each country)
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Technical Assistance in Support of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) - Côte d'Ivoire

Tulane University's Payson Center's overall objective is to increase strategic information and project management capacity among local Government and NGO partners leading the HIV/AIDS response. More concretely, Tulane will work with local, Côte d'Ivoire institutions to build individual and organizational competence in the areas of evidence-based planning, data analysis, management and presentation, program evaluation and organizational leadership.

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