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Twubakane DHP Child Survival, Malaria and Nutrition Program, Rwanda and Malaria Operational Plan

Tulane University’s overall responsibilities were focused  on working to improve access to and strengthen the quality of malaria, nutrition and child health interventions provided by the decentralized health system and, specifically, to assist the GOR and its partners to expand the range of child survival, nutrition, and malaria services available, both facility-based and community-based, as well as to increase and ensure the quality of those services in the USAID target health districts.

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Health Systems 20/20 - Rwanda President’s Malaria Initiative Malaria Operational Plan

President's Malaria Initiative began implementation in Rwanda in December 2006. In support of Rwanda's national malaria control program the Malaria Operational Plan backs four key intervention strategies to prevent and treat malaria:

1. Indoor residual spraying (IRS)

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