Payson Asked to Expand Educational Technology Work in Rwanda


In Rwanda, the Payson Center is very lucky to have as a partner, Instructional Technologist, Saurabh Kamalapurkar. Saurabh began working with the Tulane International LLC Rwanda Country Office in October 2013.

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Dr. Jeanine Condo, Payson alumna, making a difference in the public health of Rwanda


Last week’s visit to Rwanda made a great impression on me. It was deeply satisfying to see how much Payson has helped build there for so many years.  One of my most memorable meetings was with Jeanine Condo, the Deputy Dean of Research and Projects at The University of Rwanda-College of Medicine and Health Sciences-School of Public Health (SPH). Jeanine is a dynamic and intelligent woman with great ambitions for SPH in Rwanda. She is also a product of Tulane and Payson.

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A visit with Professor Silas Lwakabamba, the Rwandan Minister of Education


One of our last meetings in Rwanda last week was with Professor Silas Lwakabamba, the Rwandan Minister of Education. Payson has had a Rwanda office in Kigali through Tulane International LLC for 13 years and has been working there steadily for 15. Silas has been a longtime friend, supporter and collaborator in our projects. So I was very excited to meet him. I was not disappointed.

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Honoring Maggie Baingana-Kali, LLM for her dedication to Tulane International LLC in Rwanda


As I wrote yesterday, Payson has worked in Rwanda for 13 years. For at least a decade of that time, the mainstay of our office has been our Deputy Director, Maggie Baingana-Kali. Maggie‘s personal story mirrors that of much of modern Rwanda. One of 15 children, she, and her family, spent most of her childhood and young adulthood living with other Rwandan refugees in Uganda.

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Understanding the importance of "Context" at Tulane International LLC Rwanda


I am here in Kigali, Rwanda, to help oversee a transition. For 13 years — long before I knew of the Payson Center — Payson Center researchers, including Drs.

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Tulane International LLC Rwanda Country Office Research Project History


The Payson Center for International Development has been managing various research activities in Rwanda since 1999. As a result of our established presence in Rwanda, we pursued opening the Rwanda Country Office, represented by a locally registered international NGO arm of Tulane University, Tulane International LLC.

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Improving Public Health Capacity through Integrated Training of Health Professionals in the Republic of Rwanda under PEPFAR  

The project goals are to:

1. strengthen capacity of Rwanda institutions in the health sciences sector responsible for developing Rwanda’s health workforce; and

Start Date: 
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