Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our Vision

To educate and train individuals for work in the higher education and development fields, to research the role of technology transfer in sustainable human development, to improve social and economic development, and to develop and test innovative approaches to education and social change.

Our Mission

The mission of the Payson Center is to catalyze sustainable human development among vulnerable populations in less economically developed countries through innovative and interdisciplinary education, research and service programs that exploit our strengths in:

  • Evidence-based instruction and program management;
  • Resource development and institutional capacity building;
  • Conflict and disaster mitigation, response, and recovery;
  • Deployment of distinctive instructional design and technology;
  • Global environmental sustainability; and
  • Service in diverse and challenging environments.

Our Objectives:

  1. To design and deliver innovative and effective education and training programs that produce a new generation of leaders in sustainable human development.
  2. To prioritize and undertake research that is most critical to achieving sustainable human development and the support of vulnerable populations, especially women and children.
  3. To provide leadership in the development of evidence-based policies and programs that promote sustainable human development

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