Payson Graduate Student Association (PGSA) Conference Funding

PGSA has decided to devote part of the budget to sending graduate students to conferences.

  • $500 per semester in total is available to be allocated to multiple recipients
  • We will cap the amount of funds dispersed per student to $50 for entrance fees, and $50 for travel fees

To apply for conference funds, please submit any personal statements and any additional conference information to Sheila Favalora ( who will then share it with the appropriate parties.

Each recipient is required to report back to all Paysonites after attending the conference by submitting a blog post on

Convention of the International Studies Association


A month ago I attended the International Studies Association Convention which was held in downtown New Orleans from February 18 – 21. I was able to make it to panels every day. The first one I attended was “hurricane Katrina, Ten Years After: Life and Security Revisited”. During this panel focus was on low-income housing before and after Katrina, the reliance on philanthropy to rebuild the city and the dramatic changes in the school systems as most schools transitioned to a charter school style.

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APHA Presentations sponsored in part by PGSA funding


On Monday, November 17, 2014, I had the opportunity to present my current research at the American Public Health Association within the Black Caucus of Health Workers session regarding Reentry of offender populations in the New Orleans Area. This area of research is particularly exciting regarding its connection to International Development conversations around post-shock resilience mediated within the context of concentrated disadvantage.

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Nutrition in Complex Emergencies


In January of 2014, I attended a week-long workshop at Emory University through the CDC titled, "Nutrition in Complex Emergencies."  The purpose of the workshop was to learn about nutrition programs such as the World Food Programme (WFP) in complex emergencies. We learned management skills and program design to address malnutrition as well as macronutrient and micronutrient deficiencies among refugee and displaced populations.

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There is no such thing as a crazy or far-fetched idea in design-thinking


As a first semester graduate student, I saw the Fast 48 workshop design-thinking boot camp as the perfect opportunity to meet other students and learn more about the New Orleans community. I came into it with few expectations and an open mind, and as a student with a nonexistent creative background. This proved to be an initial challenge for this design-thinking weekend as I was pushed to break the rigid borders of my comfort zone.

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MicroFest USA: New Orleans Conference Recap


Thanks to the generosity of PGSA, I attended several sessions of “MicroFest USA: New Orleans”, the 3rd leg of a 4-city conference series put on by the Network of Ensemble Theaters.  The MicroFest USA: Revitalize, Reconnect, Renew series is exploring the impact of art on communities and advocating for creative placemaking – the shaping of public spaces around arts and cultural practices for added social value.  The goals of the series are to document

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Maximizing Partnerships in Light of Emergent Issues: PGSA funded conference recap


PGSA sets aside a portion of its annual budget to support students in attending conferences and events related to their work and research.  Any Payson graduate student can apply for these funds—see specific qualifications and other information here.  In return, PGSA asks that students who receive these funds contribute a blog entry to Payson’s website to share the information presented at the event.

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PGSA Conference Funding Summary - LA Food Access Summit


How can Louisiana get more young people involved in agriculture? Is it possible for resource-constrained communities to support local producers, strengthen local food systems, and create healthier living spaces? What is the proper pronunciation of “mirliton?” These important issues were among many discussed at the first Louisiana Food Access Summit in November 7th in Baton Rouge. Through PGSA's new student conference funding program, I had the opportunity to attend this summit which brought together farmers, researchers, policy makers, nonprofits, and concerned citizens to discuss the most pressing issues of food production and access in the state.

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Investing in Sustainable Cities - November 8th, 2012


Thanks to sposorship from the Payson Center, I attended the “Investing in Sustainable Cities” conference hosted by the Tulane School of Architecture Masters in Sustainable Real Estate Development Program, along with Presidio Graduate School, University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School, the Initiative for Responsible Investment at Harvard University, and the University of Denver Daniels College of Business on Nobember 8th, 2012. This blog post includes my notes from the event.

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Investing in Sustainable Cities Conference


Thanks to a grant from the Payson Graduate Student Association, I was able to attend the recent Investing in Sustainable Cities Conference hosted by the Tulane School of Architecture’s Sustainable Real Estate Development program. The conference addressed an array of topics from city regulation and planning to ‘green’ finance, food systems and resource management. Speakers included representatives of the Urban Land Institute and U.S. HUD’s Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities, environmental engineers, community organizers, ‘green’ builders and developers, financial managers, architects, urban and regional planners, as well as a number of scholar-practitioners from Harvard, MIT, the University of North Carolina, and the University of Denver. The theme driving the day’s conversations was, “How can community and regional development work toward the sustainable ‘triple bottom line’ of people, planet, prosperity?”.

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