The CDC is recruiting!

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Please find in the hyperlinks below a number of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recruitment documents which might be of interest to you.

Payson doctoral student Mike Gerber shared these with me last week and mentioned that the CDC is looking for personnel with international development background.  As you may know, much effort and funding is being devoted to the expansion of a sound health infrastructure in West Africa, following the Ebola Crisis in the region, and a wide spectrum of expertise going beyond public health and medicine is needed.

Those of you who are Peace Corps alum may be particularly interested in the document entitled “Non-Competitive Eligibility”, which accelerates the hiring process for former PCVs.

Mike is a nutritional epidemiologist by training, and the Chief of Emergency Response and Recovery Branch at the CDC.  He is completing his coursework this semester.

For more information about jobs at the CDC, you should check


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