Doctorate (Ph.D.) Program

The Doctorate Program in International Development (IDEV) at the Payson Graduate Program in Global Development is designed for students who want an interdisciplinary education that combines theoretical rigor with strong applied skills. The nexus of the program is the dual orientation of both practical and theoretical approaches to understanding and participating in sustainable human development.

One of the defining features of this Ph.D. program is that it successfully combines knowledge, skills, and competencies in the learning and teaching process. By fusing the practical with the theoretical students graduate with cutting edge knowledge in the field of international development while also being capable of performing at the highest levels of competence and efficiency in the professional arena.

The Ph.D. in IDEV program offers students an impressive international faculty with outstanding academic and professional credentials. Most faculty members have international development and teaching experience in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The Ph.D. students currently in the program are equally impressive with a wide variety of professional and academic experience. Each student brings a unique contribution to the program which lends itself to a dynamic learning environment.


The Payson Center for International Development launched its Ph.D. in International Development Program in 2001. In 2015, the Payson Center was reorganized and renamed the Payson Graduate Program in Global Development. Although it is a fairly new program it is rapidly emerging as one of the most progressive and innovative institutions of its kind in the U.S. Payson has a varied and expanding portfolio of programs and projects all over the world. Currently faculty and students are working in Africa, Asia and Latin America in a variety of capacities including research, teaching, curricula development, study abroad, and disaster management and humanitarian assistance. The Payson Gradaute Program in Global Development is a community of scholars, practitioners, and students who are actively involved in international development work and have already begun to make a significant impact in the countries where they work.

The Payson Graduate Program firmly believes that a competent international development professional must have strong skills in research methodology, applied quantitative and statistical methods for the social sciences, and information technology for development. Thus all of these subjects are strongly emphasized in the doctoral curriculum.

Doctoral candidates have a variety of fields and courses to choose from depending on their special interest and focus. The Tulane doctoral program makes a special effort to allow students to tailor the electives to meet their own learning and professional needs. Thus independent study with a professor based on curricula developed to meet a particular need has become popular in the program.

Past Payson International Development Doctoral Dissertations

Browse a collection of recent dissertations in electronic format in the Tulane Univeristy Digital Library.

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