How do I get financial aid for a Summer Institute?

Please contact your financial aid officer for information on eligibility and specifics on financial aid programs.  There are no scholarships or tuition waivers available for the Payson Summer Institute.  You may apply for financial aid in the form of loans through your department.  If the student does not subsequently complete hours initially registered, said student may be liable for the immediate repayment of loan funds to the lender.

Be aware of the disbursement timing and requirements to keep summer aid.  In some cases, schools or lenders may not disburse loan proceeds until the start of the program you are attending.  Because of the early start dates for some of our summer programs abroad, the relatively late dates on which the processing can begin, and the length of time it takes to process aid itself, it is likely that your loan proceeds may be unavailable to you in time for your departure.  It is important, therefore, that you have some other source of funds to ‘tide you over’ until the loan proceeds become available to you.  It is also very important that you make arrangements for someone to pay your bills at home while you are abroad so that your credit history is not blemished as a result of your absence.

Even if you are receiving financial aid, finance charges will be incurred if payment is not received by the payment deadline. The Accounts Receivable Office of Tulane University finalizes billing and will assess finance charges for registrants with unpaid balances after payment deadlines have passed.
If you have any further questions related to financial aid, please get in touch with your financial aid officer.

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