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CAMRIS International

Below is a listing of projects funded by CAMRIS International.

PROOF Project

Funding provided by the PROOF Network helps to increase the sustainability of in-country institutional partners by providing supplemental resources - both to the institutions and individuals - in order for institutions to be able to retain high quality technical or academic staff and faculty. PROOF will channel a mix of resources in a fully transparent manner to both the partner institution and directly to its individual professionals, in a manner consistent with the institution's policies and in strict adherence to ethical and conflict of interest guidelines.

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Support to the American University of Nigeria (AUN)

The Payson Center for International Development is providing academic coordination and support to the American University of Nigeria (AUN). We are providing strategic support through development of strategic planning goals and objectives. We are providing academic support through academic reviews, faculty and administrative personnel searches and supporting the creation of an AUN PhD program.

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