Call for Papers: 2015 Law and Development Conference in New Orleans

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New Directions for Law and Development Studies 

New Orleans, USA, April 17, 2015 

Jointly organized by

Rationale and purpose of the conference 

It has been four decades since the seminal work in law and development by Professors David Trubek and Marc Galanter, “Scholars in Self-Estrangement: Some Reflections on the Crisis in Law and Development Studies in the United States”, was published. The authors were not hopeful about the future of law and development studies then, and today law and development remains under-developed as an academic field. Many of the gaps between the realities on the ground and the early 70s academic discourse, as well as the resulting moral dilemma, as described by Trubek and Galanter as “self-estrangement”, appear to remain. There is a call for a new approach and a new analytical framework to bridge the gaps and to establish the field more firmly as an academic discipline. 

The purpose of the conference is to explore ways to narrow the gaps and to revitalize law and development studies by examining the following questions. 

  1. the development of law and development studies: what has been achieved and what remains to be explored. 
  2. the necessity for new directions and approaches, recognizing the role of law for economic development and the importance of rule of law in the economic development process; 
  3. the necessity to develop solid methodology and consistent analytical framework. 
  4. the need to improve the capacity of law and development studies in developing countries; 
  5. lessons from the successful development cases in East Asia 

We welcome contributions from scholars and practitioners in all relevant fields, including law, economics, development studies, international studies, and human rights studies, which would address, broadly, any of the aforementioned questions. 

Papers will be selected by blinded peer-review. We ask all interested speakers to submit one-page paper abstracts by November 15, 2014. 

Important Deadlines 

  1. Abstract Submission: November 15, 2014 
  2. Notification of Acceptance: December 1, 2014 
  3. Full Paper Submission: March 1, 2015 

Publications Envisaged 

Selected papers will be published in 2015 “Law and Development Review” Special Issue by December 2015. 

All speakers and participants are expected to make their own arrangements for the travel and accommodation during the conference.

Abstract Submission

Please submit your abstract and conference inquiries to Law and Development Institute (Professor Y.S. Lee) by email at with a cc to Professor Colin Crawford at

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