Tulane Law School first in U.S. to launch integrated LLM in Law and Development

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Tulane University Law School's brand new Master in Laws and Development (LLM) degree program will welcome its first graduate students in August 2013. The program is a pioneering first on the part of the Law School. Programs of this kind exist in the United Kingdom and Australia, but at present U.S. students must go abroad for this kind of training - and even then will not receive the unique features offered by Tulane.

In creating this integrated program, Tulane Law School draws upon two unique advantages - the school's own experience in the field of comparative and international law and the experience of the Payson Center for International Development, the only center of its kind operating within a law school in the United States. Payson, one of the first development studies centers in the U.S. (established in 1996), has its own field offices in developing countries, a large number of development projects underway, summer programs abroad, and opportunities for student internships in development work. Equally important, the Payson Center offers a rich multi-disciplinary curriculum in international development, which includes a Master's and PhD program with around 100 students. Students taking the LLM will thus benefit from a unique combination of an integrated and multi-disciplinary training - a program that promises rich practical experience and bright career opportunities.

The new LLM, which can be completed in one year but may be extended over two, welcomes students from all developed and developing countries. Studies toward the degree will include courses such as 

  • Law, Sustainability and Development
  • International Human Rights
  • Economic Analysis
  • Comparative Environmental Law
  • Comparative Constitutional and Private Law

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