Undergraduates: Call for Papers on International Affairs

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Attention, lovers of International Affairs!  Have you written a paper for an undergraduate International Relations, International Development, Political Economy, Economics, or Public Health class?  The Tulane Journal of International Affairs (TJIA) wants you submit your papers for consideration for publication in the journal.  It's a fantastic way to get your ideas a larger audience and showcase a paper that you're proud of; also, publication is very impressive with regard to grad school/job/internship applications.  You need not necessarily confine yourself to the subject areas listed above; TJIA encourage submission of any and all outstanding papers in the realm of international affairs.

The deadline for paper submissions (to be considered for publication in the Fall 2014 issue) is April 15th.  Please send all submissions to tjia@tulane.edu.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Also if you are interested in applying for a position as an editor for the journal please join us on  Sunday, February 16th at 8 pm in the TUBE office in the lower level of the LBC (that's the office next to WTUL, which is next to the Hullabaloo)

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