Toni Akinyemi

Alumna LLM in Law & Development

Anne Rolfes

Anne Rolfes
Alumna, M.S., Louisiana Bucket Brigade

Anne Rolfes, Founding Director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, began her career in Nigeria, collaborating with local communities to address oil companies’ destruction of the Niger Delta. She returned to Louisiana in 2000 and founded the Louisiana Bucket Brigade to end pollution in her home state.

Monica Carlson

Monica Carlson
Doctoral Student

Monica Carlson is a PhD candidate with Tulane University’s Payson Center for International Development. After spending the past three years working for USAID in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ms. Carlson became interested in the association between gender-based violence and conflict in the DRC context. Using Demographic Health Survey data released in October 2014, Ms. Carlson’s doctoral research will explore individual and community level factors that place Congolese women at greater risk of experiencing violence.

Paul T. Winfield

Paul T. Winfield, ABD
Alumnus, PhD & MS, Queer People Of Color Advocacy Association

Paul T. Winfield attempts to personify excellence and to encourage the very best in others.

Haley J Burns

Haley Burns
Alumna, B.S., Fund 17

Originally from Huntsville, Alabama, I am currently an undergraduate senior studying History, International Development, and Urban Studies. After a fellowship with Lend for America in 2012, I founded Fund 17 to empower micro-entrepreneurs in the New Orleans community. I am passionate about research, for-profit models for social change, and human centered design.

Rachel Bonet

Alumna, M.S., Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species

I am a M.S. alumna in International Development, and I am focusing on environmental issues, with environmental and wildlife conservation being of particular interest to me. The interconnected nature of development and the environment as well as the necessarily international nature of environmental issues led me to Tulane's Payson program as it allows for specialization of course content to fit one's specific academic and career backgrounds and interests.

G. Alexander Crowther

Alumnus, PhD, RAND Corporation

Strategist. International Affairs Specialist. Politico-Military Specialist. Researcher. Latin American Foreign Area Officer. Light Infantry Officer. 

Worked at the field, the regional and global levels. Field work in Central America, the Andean Ridge, Korea and Iraq. Regional in Latin America, Europe and Middle East. Global level experience performing politico-military activities in Washington DC.

Ophir Haberer

Ophir Haberer
Alumnus, B.A., research assistant at Can Tho University, Mekong Delta

Ophir Haberer is an undergraduate alumnus of Tulane University and Founder/Project Coordinator of the Tulane Hope Gardens Project, an outlet to engage students in urban gardening and sustainable living.

Ophir and his many social activisim projects were the subject of a Paysonite profile in the April 7, 2014 edition of the Payson Center, eNewsletter, The Monitor.

Shea Garrison

Shea Garrison
Doctoral Student

Shea Garrsion holds a Master of Science (MS) in International Development from the Payson Center. While pursuing her MS, Shea worked with Drs. William Bertrand and Elke de Buhr developing capacity building classes and reporting documents for a Department Of Labor contract with the purpose of eliminating the Worst Forms of Child Labor (WFCL) in cocoa production in Western Africa.


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