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Andre Davis

Alumnus, M.S.
Andre Davis in Cinque Terre, Italy

I'm Andre Davis, an M.S. in International Development alumnus of the Payson Center.  I hail from San Diego, California and am an avid snowboarder (despite the lack of snow in NOLA) and guitarist.  I received my undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of Colorado.  As far as international experience goes, I volunteered in a small Muslim fishing village in the south of Thailand during the summer of 2006.  There I taught English to school children, replanted mangroves, and contributed to the development of a new mosque.  I have also backpacked extensively through Central and Eastern Europe, staying with families in Switzerland and Macedonia for extended periods.  While this is a glimpse into my travels I have also done a far share of volunteering.  Last year I worked for the St. Bernard Project here in New Orleans.  I was a Site Supervisor employed through AmeriCorps to help instruct, guide, and work along side volunteers in constructing homes, in an effort to put Katrina victims back into their residence.  It was a rewarding experience to say the least.  As for the future, I will be spending the summer (2013) as an intern at the World Trade Center New Orleans. I also served as the PGSA Communication Liaison during 2013.

Primary Classification: 
  • B.A., Geography, Colorado University at Boulder, 2010
  • M.S., International Development, Tulane University Law School Payson Center for International Development, 2014
Research & Teaching Specializations: 
Country Experience: 

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