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Edésio Fernandes

Guest Lecturer

Dr. Edésio Fernandes is one of the world’s leading experts on urban land use. He is a dual Brazilian/British national based in the UK, he works all over the world as a lecturer, researcher, writer and legal consultant. He is currently a member of DPU (Development Planning Unit) Associates (London, UK) and of the Teaching Faculty of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (Cambridge MA, US). Before moving to the UK in 1988, he worked as a lawyer, city planner and as a lecturer in Brazil (1980-86), including work as a legal advisor during the national Constitution-making process (1986-88). His main teaching and research interests include land, urban and environmental law; land and urban planning, policy and management; informal land markets, urban land regularization and land registration; local government and metropolitan administration; protection of cultural heritage; and constitutional law and human rights in developing and transitional countries.

For over 20 years, Dr. Fernandes has also been a consultant to many governmental and national/international non-governmental organizations, such as UN-HABITAT, UNDP, Unesco, OSCE, World Bank, FAO, DfID, IHS, WYG and Urbaplan, having regularly worked in Brazil and most of Latin America, South Africa, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Syria, Russia, Cape Verde, and elsewhere. In 2003, he was Director of Land Affairs at the Ministry of Cities in Brazil. In that capacity he  co-ordinated the formulation of the National Programme to Support Sustainable Land Regularization in Urban Areas. He is a founder and co-ordinator of IRGLUS - International Research Group on Law and Urban Space, which is a partner of UN-HABITAT, as well as a member of UN-HABITAT's Advisory Council on Forced Evictions (2008-11). He was also a founding member of IBDU – Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Urbanístico. Dr. Fernandes is widely published in academic and technical journals, as well as contributing chapters to and organizing several books in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.

Primary Classification: 
  • L.L.B., Minas Gerais Federal University (MGFU), Brazil
  • Dip. Urb. Plan., MGFU; LL.M. in Law in Development, & Ph.D. Warwick University, U.K.
Selected Publications: 

“Regularization of Informal Settlements in Latin America" (2011, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy)

"Law and Urban Change in Brazil" (1995, Avebury)

"Illegal Cities - Law and Urban Change in Developing Countries" (1998, Zed Books),

"The Challenge of Environmental Management in Urban Areas" (Ashgate, 1999),

"Geoforum Urban Brazil Special Issue" (2001)

"Cidade, memória e legislação" (IAB, 2002)

"A Lei e a Ilegalidade na Produção do Espaço Urbano" (Del Rey, 2003)

"Direito de Moradia e Segurança da Posse no Estatuto da Cidade" (Fórum, 2004)

"Brasil Urbano" (Maudad, 2005)

"Direito Urbanístico: estudos brasileiros e internacionais" (Del Rey, 2006)

"Revisitando o Instituto da Desapropriação" (Fórum, 2009)

"Coletânea de Legislação Urbanística" (Fórum, 2010),

"Revisitando o Instituto do Tombamento" (Fórum, 2010)

"Número Especial sobre América Latina da Revista Fórum de Direito Urbano e Ambiental - 54" (Fórum, 2010)

"Número Especial sobre América Latina da Revista Fórum de Direito Urbano e Ambiental – 57” (Fórum, 2011)

"Número Especial sobre América Latina da Revista Fórum de Direito Urbano e Ambiental – 61” (Fórum, 2012)

“Direito à Moradia: O que é, para quem serve, como defender e efetivar” (Fórum, 2013)

"Questões de Direito Urbanístico" (1998, Del Rey), "Environmental Strategies for Sustainable Development in Urban Areas: Lessons from Africa and Latin America" (1998, Ashgate)

"Derecho, Espacio Urbano y Medio Ambiente" (2000, Dykinson) and "Direito Urbanístico e Politica Urbana no Brasil" (2001, Del Rey). 

Country Experience: 

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