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John D Hays

Alumnus, Joint J.D./M.S., ARPC

Hello, my name is John Hays and I am a joint JD/MS (IDEV) 2014 alumnus. I grew up in the Memphis area and studied at Vanderbilt University where I majored in Economics and Spanish. My post-college career took an unusual turn when I made the decision to temporarily move to Argentina and play online poker professionally. Unlike many new graduates with an Economics degree, I was able to directly apply, on a daily basis, Game Theory, Statistics, and Behavioral Economics in my new trade.  What was initially a hobby in college proved to cover my expenses in a post-crisis Argentina. As I studied the game and continued to improve my trade I began to make a comfortable living. Over the next 8 years I worked out of Buenos Aires 7-8 months a year while also spending substantial time in Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Holland, Denmark, and South Africa.

Having lived all over the globe and immersed myself in many cultures, I developed a keen interest in international development. At an early stage I recognized the importance of Law as a necessary foundation upon which subsequent development and economic interventions can be constructed. I made the decision to pursue a post-poker career in international development, focusing on the strengthening the legal infrastructure of developing countries.   

I was immediately attracted to Tulane Law School's joint degree program with the Payson Center for International Development. The dual JD and MS (int'l dev) perfectly fit my multi-discipline career goals. The opportunity to spend three years in New Orleans wasn't exactly a deterrent either.

Over the last three years, I have gained significant extra-curricular experience to compliment my rigorous classroom curriculum. My first summer I worked in Malawi for an international environmental NGO. I engaged in field research with the end goal of suggesting policy for a national regulatory system for the biofuel feedstock Jatropha. Last summer I attended a field study program examining the interplay of law, the environment, and sustainable development in and around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I also represented Tulane Law and the Payson Center in Rio at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights Moot Court Competition. Additionally, I have conducted extensive research on regulatory solutions to address gas-flaring in Nigeria; the effects of European carbon credit systems on Africa, specifically Malawi; and proposed amendments to the WTO TRIPS agreement to ensure access to essential medicines in developing countries. 

I currently live in Washington DC and want to work domestically in the field of law and development. Currently, I am a Senior Consultant at ARPC, an expert services and business advisory firm dedicated to providing premier analytical expertise and guidance to clients facing complex legal and business challenges

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Given my desire to work at the margins where international development and law overlap, the decision to pursue the joint JD/MS with Tulane's Payson Center was a no-brainer.
  • B.A., Vanderbilt University, Economics and Spanish, 2004
  • M.S., Tulane University, The Payson Center for International Development, 2014
  • J.D., Tulane University Law School, 2014
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