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Mario Mancilla

Guest Lecturer
Mario Mancilla

Mario Mancilla was designated as Technical Assistant (Deputy General Coordinator) at the The Secretariat for Environmental Matters (SEM) by the Environmental Affairs Council in Guatemala on March 2008, with the possibility of reappointment. Since his arrival, Mario has been a cornerstone for the analysis of all the submissions that have been filed to date, as well as in the preparation of several Factual Records. In these processes he has proposed a series of tools to systematize all legal technical and analysis related to the mechanism and has designed several draft manual to systematize processes and procedures of the SAA.

Mario has over 17 years of experience related to environmental law in Central America, Belize and the south of Mexico. Prior to his designation as Technical Assistant at the SEM, Mario was Deputy Director at CARE International in Guatemala, with responsibilities over all Central America (with emphasis in environmental policy). Mario was also Environmental Policy and Legislation Coordinator at Conservation International in North Guatemala, Belize and the south of Mexico in the Selva Maya Program. He is member of Lawyers and Public Notary’s College, IUCN Environmental law Commission, UNDP-GEF Small Grants National Directorate and Mancilla & Arenales as a Partner.

Mario Mancilla is Guatemalan lawyer and notary from the Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala. He is also hold an M.Sc. in Constitutional Law by the Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala. He holds and doctorate in Law by the Universidad Mariano Gálvez in Guatemala and is also candidate for PHD in Politics and Sociology by the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Spain. He is a professor at graduate programs at Mariano Galvez University and San Pablo University in Guatemala where he teaches international environmental law, sociology of law, environment and trade and constitutional justice. He also teach international environmental law and trade at the Antigua Guatemala Summer Program of Pacific-McGeorge Law School in 2012-2013. Mario and his wife also have private legal practice, which is currently managed by his wife.

Mario Mancilla is married to Teresa Arenales and has two daughters, Maria Teresa and Ximena Renée.

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