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Mei-Hua Lin

Alumna, M.S.
Mei-Hua Lin

I was born in 1973, in Taiwan, a country with an ambiguous and conflictive political situation, but more importantly with successfully reformed economic policies and educational system. I was gratefully benefited by both of these two benign developmental strategies and being able to accomplish my vocational secondary and technological bachelor degree in food-science. This tiny island is truly blessed by the export-led economic strategy and so am I. I had my first 3 years working in the top-five food processing industry and then another 5 years at an international trading company serving as a researcher and marketing assistant.

Before turning 30, I was encouraged and motivated to have my first immersive English language learning experience in New Zealand for 7 months due to the competitive and prosperous environment. It was an invaluable lifelong investment that supportively fostered me to continuously pursue my master in Bio-Tech and further my international cooperation and development job in Panama.

I look back to my past two decades of life, the path itself also can be determined as human capacity building. I am nurtured in an island fulfilled with hopes and dreams, and with the maturity being given I turned myself into the other stage of life for working and living in Central America for 5 years. The coordinator position of a food processing project not only changed my career plan but also the way in which I determine this universe and myself. Through this journey I broadened my vision of this world and also obtained the chance with an enlightened though to reflect my own country’s history. I started to think about the difference between these two countries Panama and Taiwan. Were they different decades or even centuries ago? What factors drive them toward quite significantly the opposite way of development? There are the reasons that I decided to come back to the academic arena. I have learned plenty of knowledge during my 5 years field work in Panama, at the same time, I also have gotten some questions and doubts from that period of time.

Development is a topic with a variety of disciplines and theories. We must know our own history better in order to best interpret the present and further to develop it towards sustainability. From this perspective, I am willing to be nurtured by this program through the path of our own development history and theories, and as well the interdisciplinary courses. I wish to bolster up my own thoughts to become more creative and effective in the arena of international development.

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It felt like I was standing at part of the labyrinth and lost myself without fully understanding of what international development is, and of what the relationships of development with politics, economics, society and environment are, while I was working in the development field in Central America served as a specialist responsible for an international cooperation program. The sense of being lost in the international development field became the main reason that I applied to Payson Center, and indeed the well-designed interdisciplinary courses of Payson Center do redirect and nurture my knowledge of international development. International development involves a myriad of domains and disciplines which are interconnected with each other, and more importantly it relates directly to the people, namely, the field work. Payson Center does provide both the theoretical courses and practical field work on the ground. A variety of global development summer institute courses conducted all over the world serve as the best opportunity for students to realistically experience the way in which projects are implemented and the relationship is constructed with the local actors. At the final end of my two years of Paysonite student life here in New Orleans, it is not too much to say that I made a right decision to join the Payson Center.

Master of Science, Tulane University, Payson Center, 2014

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New Zealand

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