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Sonita Singh

Doctoral Student
Sonita Singh

Evaluation Specialist currently evaluating international, federal, state and city projects in:

  • Criminal Justice and Correctional Research
  • Child Survival and Early Childhood Development
  • HIV, specific to Prenatal Exposure
  • Co-occurring Disorders (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Illnesses)
  • Health Systems Research in West Africa (Gambia) 

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Development, Logistics, Execution and Analysis

  • STATA/ SPSS/ NVivo/ eHARS/ STD*MIS/ EpiInfo/ Excel/ Access

Domestic/International Experience with Health Systems for High Risk and Vulnerable Populations including:  

  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Post-Conflict /Post-Disaster areas, Populations Most at Risk for HIV, Rural and Minority Populations, Felons and  Co-morbid (Mentally-ill/Drug-addicted) Felons 

Over 15 years of Public Health Program Development, Implementation, Management, Monitoring & Evaluation

HIV Surveillance Coordination for Pediatric HIV, Vertical transmission and HIV Incidence/Viral Resistance for CDC

International Work Experience (Ghana, Gambia, Uganda, Kenya Bangladesh, Nepal, India: [Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, West Bengal], St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Italy)

Intensive Capacity Building towards Integrated Health Systems, (partner, city, state, federal, country-level)

Funding and partnering institutions:  National Institutes of Health, USAID, CARE, Tulane Center for Infectious Disease, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Department of Justice, Council of State Governments, Centers for Disease Control, International Centers of Excellence in Malaria Research, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Mississippi State Department of Health Bureau of STD/HIV,University of Mississippi Medical College Pediatric Infectious Disease Unit,  Medical Research Council, Gambia, Evacuteer and the Cowen Institute, Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Orleans Parish Probation and Parole, Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office.

Primary Classification: 
  • B.S., Tulane University, Cellular and Molecular Biology/African and Diasporic Studies, 1995
  • MPH., Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, International Health and Development, Tropical Medicine, 1998
  • PhD., Payson Center for Interantional Development, Tulane Law School, expected 2015
Selected Publications: 

Under internal review. Singh, S., Patel, M., Johnson, K. Mena, L. ‘Changing Trending in Childbearing Patterns in HIV Positive Mothers in Mississippi, 1991-2008’.

Wheeler, W. et al. ‘Prevalence of transmitted drug resistance associated mutations and HIV-1 subtypes in new HIV-1 diagnoses, U.S.-2006’. AIDS: 15 May 2010 - Volume 24 - Issue 8 - p 1203–1212 (provided Viral Resistance data for Mississippi)

Singh, S. Gay, H., Nash, B., Johnson, K. ‘Preventing Perinatal HIV infections in Mississippi’. Mississippi Morbidity Report, Mississippi State Department of Health. Volume 25, number 6. June 2009

Irene Hall, PhD, et al. Estimation of HIV Incidence in the United States’. JAMA. 2008; 300(5):520-529. (provided Incidence data for Mississippi)

Singh, S. Mississippi In Motion: Mississippi State University Extension Statewide Obesity Program, Curriculum: “Chapter 1: Goal Setting”. Internal document. 2004.

Haque R, Ahmed T, Wahed MA., et al. ‘Low-dose beta-carotene supplementation and deworming improve serum vitamin A and beta-carotene concentrations in preschool children of Bangladesh’. Health Popul Nutr. 2010 Jun;28(3):230-7. (provided multiple data for analysis)


Psycho-social characteristics of High Risk Offenders: Can Assessing Offender Risk and Needs help Predict and Interrupt Recidivism Outcomes? American Public Health Association 142nd Annual Meeting & Expo. Oral Presentation, November 2014.

Critical Finding for the Louisiana Statewide Violent Crime Prevention Initiative. American Public Health Association 142nd Annual Meeting & Expo. Oral Presentation, November 2014.

Louisiana Statewide Violent Crime Prevention Initiative, Lessons Learned for Second Chance Act Grantees. A Second Chance Adult Offender Comprehensive Statewide Recidivism Reduction Demonstration. Second Chance Act Conference, Council of State Governments, May 2014.  

Feasibility Study for ICT-Assisted Vocational Trainings in Northern Ugandan Vulnerable Populations.

For the Office of the Vice President, in conjunction with Gulu University. Uganda, July 2010

Maternal and Pediatric HIV. Mississippi Public Health Association Annual Conference. Mississippi, November, 2009.

Estimating 2005 HIV Incidence in Mississippi using the Sample Survey Approach. Incidence Surveillance Coordinators Annual Meeting, Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, March 2007.

STD/HIV Epidemiology and Behavioral Practices in Adolescents in Mississippi. Mississippi Public Health Association Annual Conference. Mississippi, August, 2005.


Singh, S., Patel, M., Johnson, K. Mena, L. “Changing Trending in Childbearing Patterns in HIV Positive Women, 1991-2008.” Poster presented at the XVIII International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria,18-23 July 2010.

Mena, L. Sunesara, I. Singh, S., Johnson, K., Ziebell, R. Heffelfinger, J., Oster, A. “Prevalence of Drug Resistance Among Persons with Newly Diagnosed HIV Infection in Mississippi, 2005- 2008.” Poster presented at the XVIII International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria,18-23 July 2010

Oster, A., Pieniazek, D., Zhang, X. Switzer, W., Ziebell, R., Mena, L., Wei, X, Johnson, K. Singh, S., “Demographic but not Geographic Insularity in HIV Transmission among Young Black Men Who Have Sex with Men, Mississippi.” Poster presented at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections. San Francisco, 16 -19 February 2010.

Johnson, K., Singh, S. Mena, L. “Emerging Syphilis Trends in Mississippi, 2002-2007.” Poster presented at the American Public Health Association. Denver, Colorado, 6-10 November, 2009.

Country Experience: 

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