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Sydney Petite

M.S. Candidate
Sydney Petite

Hello! I am a first year M.S. student in International Development, coming from Spring Hill College. There, I received my B.S. in International Relations with a minor in Political Science. I had the opportunity to spend two semesters abroad in Bologna, Italy with an amazing program that focused on Human Rights & Social Justice. I went to Bosnia and Croatia to learn about post-conflict development and broaden my understanding on what happened in the Balkans War. In Mostar, Bosnia I was exposed to an NGO that shelters sex trafficking victims- La Strada, which began a newfound interest in this area. In Italy, my main focus was targeted towards immigration policy and human rights- which further inspired my undergraduate thesis. I went backpacking down the coast of Italy and travelled across Europe as an attempt to satisfy my insatiable curiosity for other cultures. With the Payson Center, I look forward to expanding my horizon through traveling to other areas of the world. My primary areas of interest at the moment include the Panama Field Work Experience, East Africa and South East Asia and I look forward to the opportunities and experiences to come. 

Primary Classification: 
  • B.S., Spring Hill College, International Relations & Political Science, 2013
Country Experience: 

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