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Tanawat (Pete) Likitkererat

Alumnus, PhD, American University of Nigeria

I have my Ph.D. in International Development at The Payson Center of International Development and Technology Transfer of Tulane University. My main competencies regarding international development are strategic information collection and use including geographical information systems (GIS), health information systems, health management information, system, surveillance system and management information systems (MIS). I approach knowledge management using information technology, digital library technology, and e-learning technology as the engines for information. Before I entered the program, I worked in public health for 7 years, teaching and conducting research projects related to development, monitoring, and evaluation of health information systems at local and national levels in Thailand. I have competencies and skills in academic teaching and research from that period. I am a skillful problem solver with a strong foundation in information technology, computer science, problem solving processes, and systematic thinking. I am also a travel and underwater photographer with strong proficiency in computer graphic design. In addition, I have 15 years of experience in network administration, computer application programming, graphic design, and web development. I am a Thai native speaker with excellent English skills.

Primary Classification: 
  • B.S., Physics, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • M.S., Information Technology, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Ph.D., International Development, Tulane University Payson Center for International Development, 2013
Academic Experience: 
Country Experience: 

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