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Toni Akinyemi

Alumna LLM in Law & Development
Primary Classification: 
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Payson center gave me a better understanding of how Law and policy are viable tools in sustainable human development especially in emerging economies. The course supported the assertion that not all foreign investment opportunities are actual investments. Some investments might yield some financial gain for the present but also environmental and socio-economic woes for the future generation. I enjoyed my courses with Dr. Kelly and Buhr as especially the presentation class on sustainability and development based off the book Jurassic park with Prof. Crawford. He geared us towards practical analysis to explore both the pros and cons of foreign investments in emerging nations and be able to make the best decision not based on the present but also for future generations. I will highly recommend payson center especially for nationals of emerging economies as well as for anyone interested in making an impact in international development. An emerging country national will benefit alot and have additional insight into the problems we currently facing in emerging countries and practical solutions to make a difference especially in governance and community interventions.


  • LLB., University of Wales, Law, 2011.
  • LLM., Tulane University, Law & Development, 2015.
Academic Experience: 
  • Graduate Research Assistant - Tulane University Law School Payson Center , 2014 - 2015.
Selected Publications: 
Publications (Authored Books)
The priceless legacy (2013)
Your treasure and other poems (2004)
Academic papers
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul? A case study on the Environmental and Legal issues surrounding Nigeria’s Eko Atlantic City Project. Published by the Graduate Lawyers at Tulane University Law School Journal (2014)
Inequality, social security protection and the Law: A comparative Analysis. Directed Research for Master’s Degree at the Tulane University Law School, New Orleans (2015).
Modern acquisition of Land under international public law: Directed Research for LLB – University of Wales, United Kingdom (2011).
Country Experience: 
United States

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