2014 PGSA Nominations

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The time is here! Nominate yourself or another Payson student for any of the positions (outlined below) by simply clicking here.
Just fill out the form and submit! This is one of the best ways to get involved in your program. If you want to be involved in student planning or simply wished that something were done differently, now is the perfect opportunity to get involved and have your say!

General Criteria:
A person running for office must:
1) be currently enrolled in the Payson Center as a graduate student and be in good academic standing
2) reside in New Orleans for the duration of the intended term
3) be in attendance for at least one semester prior to assuming office (note: this does not bar new students entering in the Fall semester from running for office, only from inhabiting an office in their first semester in residency)

Position Descriptions:

4 Officer Positions
* Secretary: makes public and keeps a permanent record of the agendas and proceedings of the Council meetings.
* Program Coordinator: oversees PGSA-sponsored events and provides support to Committee Chairs for coordinating activities.
* Treasurer: administers and keeps records of the financial activities of the Association.
* Communications Liaison: ensures that relevant information is up-to-date and available to members, serves as an ambassador to other programs, and oversees outreach.

2 Committee Chairs
* Academic Committee Chair: oversees and coordinates efforts to provide opportunities for Payson graduate students to obtain skills and knowledge relevant to the field of international development outside the classroom, e.g. academic workshops, skills-building exercises, etc.
* Social Committee Chair: oversees and coordinates efforts to provide opportunities for Payson graduate students to interact in social settings, e.g. happy hours, field trips, etc.

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