2015 PGSA elections: call for nominations!

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Dear Graduate Student Paysonites, 

It's time for some change, and so the Payson Graduate Student Association (PGSA) is excited to announce that PGSA elections for the 2015 year are here

We warmly invite each and every one of you to consider not only yourselves but also your peers for the six open positions, which are as follows:

4 Officer Positions

  • Secretary: makes public and keeps a permanent record of the agendas and proceedings of the Council meetings.
  • Program Coordinator: oversees PGSA-sponsored events and provides support to Committee Chairs for coordinating activities.
  • Treasurer: administers and keeps records of the financial activities of the Association.
  • Communications Liaison: ensures that relevant information is up-to-date and available to members, serves as an ambassador to other programs, and oversees outreach.

2 Committee Chairs

  • Academic Committee Chair: oversees and coordinates efforts to provide opportunities for Payson graduate students to obtain skills and knowledge relevant to the field of international development outside the classroom, e.g. academic workshops, skills-building exercises, etc.
  • Social Committee Chair: oversees and coordinates efforts to provide opportunities for Payson graduate students to interact in social settings, e.g. happy hours, field trips, etc.

In addition, as stated in the PGSA By-laws: 

  1. Officers and Committee Chairs shall give reports, as required, to keep PGSA members and the student body informed of all activities, opportunities, and decisions.
  2. Officers must attend all meetings.

And while that all may sound very strict and formal, we can assure you that PGSA work has always been a team effort. So don't let these fancy names intimidate you!

How do nominations work?

It’s super easy!  Nominate yourself or any other person for any of the positions to be filled by simply replying to his email, indicating 

  • The name of the nominee(s)
  • The position(s) for which you nominate yourself of them
  • And if possible a contact email address for each nominee.

(Note that candidates nominated by others will have to accept the nomination before their candidacy becomes official; the election committee will be responsible for contacting these candidates for that purpose.)


March 5, 5:00 pm: Nominations due

March 10-16: Voting period (instructions for voting will follow in a subsequent email)

March 17: Results announced via email

March 18: Newly elected officers assume positions

There will be another email later on explaining the voting process but, for the time being, please refer to the by-laws or send one of us an email if you have any further questions!

This really is the best way to get involved in your program. If you have ever wanted to play a more active role in PGSA, or simply wished that something were done differently, now is the perfect opportunity to get involved and have your say.

We are looking forward to many nominations!



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