January 22, 2014

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Meeting Minutes of the 1st PGSA meeting Spring 2014 (22nd Jan 2014)


  1. Meeting Time and Date

Currently – 5:00 pm, Every Wednesday

Not Ok for the following time(for the meeting participants)

Kathi    ( Mon/Fri- 4-6)

Zaw     (Mon- before 5:30 pm)

Kate    (Wed- 6:00- 7:00 pm)

Kami   (Mon-Fri, 8:00am -5:00 pm)

Hugo   (Mon/Tue/Thursday- 5:00-6:30 pm)

Friday evening is not suggested

Maybe we could also try new locations for future meetings -Hillel on the Broadway? No food available on Friday and Saturday evening)

We will also be trying to maintain a 1.5 hour format to respect participants' time

(Next meeting (5th Feb, 5:00-6:30 pm)

  1. Elections Results and Feedbacks

Everyone has been confirmed for each respective positions

In the next meeting invitation/notification, this could be included!

Kami will update webpage (with help of Sheila J) and format next mtg. invitation email

Kathi will to talk to Sheila to schedule a meeting with Prof.Crawford to raise some important points collected via the feedback

  1. Funding Requests

$ 50 max for each request allowed for travel & $50 for entry fee

4 requests received (3 requests for Fast 48 of $50 each and one more request for pending amount)

3 requests for Fast 48- Design Thinking Workshop are approved! $ 50 each

For the fourth request, may be we should have some more info and correspondence. (Kami will write to the applicant for more info)

May be we could build up some more specific guidelines for the eligibility of the funding

  1. First Happy Hour of the Semester (31st Jan)

                Venue:  The Bulldog,  3236 Magazine St, New Orleans Time: 5:30 pm - ???

  1. Budget

Around $2, 400 left for the Spring

  1. Movie Screening

To be discussed and decided in the next PGSA meeting.

The first one will probably on 17th Feb, Monday

  1. Workshops
  • The workshop on Conflict Resolution (Tentatively planned during the 1st week of Feb)

Zaw will talk to Laura tomorrow about this

  • 1st IDCS for the semester with Ting Lyu (Research Fellow) – Early February? ( still to be confirmed)

           Kami and Zaw will communicate with her to plan and organize the format and other required stuff

  • 2nd IDCS for the semester with Rute Imanishi Rodrigues (visiting scholar)  - in March?? (to be planned)
  • 3rd IDCS for the semester with Federico Rossi (post-doc student of Latin America Studies) or Tom Mulligan (phD student of Philosophy)- in April?? (to be planned)



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