May 15, 2013

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Attendees: Dr. Dauphine Sloan, Sheila Favalora, Amy B., Kami B., Zaw L., Mina M., Kate M.

Academic Year Feedback w/ Dr. Sloan:

  • Career Panel/Payson Projects Overview: Question of timing (fall vs. spring) - general feeling was that it was particularly helpful for new students to be introduced to the faculty and their general project research early on (aka in the fall) rather than waiting until spring. Dr. Sloan wants to try to bring Dr. Earl Picard back to do the career panel - this would be convenient in the fall since he'll be here teaching a class, but it may need to wait until spring. Perhaps PGSA could support both during one semester. Other possible career panelist might be Brenda Barrett & Karna Cohen.
  • Orientation Plans:
    • consensus was that it should occur at least a couple days before classes begin so people can get settled in
    • take pictures of new students/ get them to start creating profiles immediately
    • offer a tailored tour - only for students who desire it. Customize to buildings/sites that are relevant to Payson (maybe even include Uptown Square).
    • get new students their IDs
    • bring in current students 'in the field' via Skype (Mina M. & Max A. have volunteered)
    • encourage a few current on-site students to attend
    • provide mini-advising sessions (Sloan will be out of the country until Sat. of that weekend- she suggested that maybe advising could take place via email over the summer)** - she is having trouble with the Masters student email distribution list - Kami will try to help troubleshoot
    • Kady Weingart has offered to host a Payson-wide welcome party following orientation - another reason not to hold the orientation on Sunday or Monday. We would encourage new & current students to attend to get to know one another
  • Course Sequencing:  Dr. Sloan interested in student's feelings about when classes are offered/taken
    • General consensus - do not take IPER and Econ. simultaneously
    • Quant. is not necessarily critical to have before M&E or Research Methods (can be helpful but not necessary)
    • it is something of a challenge that many courses are offered only one semester during an academic year, but the danger in offering them both semesters is that enrollment goes down and the class is often canceled.
  • Masters Corner?: Would it be beneficial for Masters students to have some similar platform to what PhD students are using (a Blackboard site with materials)
    • question being - what would be housed there?
    • would people really log in to another site?
    • perhaps better to integrate it with the main Payson website and just house it under an area which already requires sign-on
    • user forum - for notes/postings between students
    • place for internships/fellowships
  • Exit Interviews w/ Crawford:
    • not overwhelming response from graduates- possibly because email invitation was sent out during exam period - perhaps resend?
    • perhaps offer an electronic option for those who are distance-based or who would prefer a less personal format
    • PGSA should also gather/submit impromptu feedback from various surveys we create and offer to Payson for consideration
  • Summer Sessions:
    • should conduct focus group on recent institutes both with participants and non-p's (e.g. - why did you not sign up? what were the obstacles?)
    • plan this after school is out!

Picnic Planning (final round):

Everything is pretty set for Friday. Food is ordered, Sheila and Amy will go to Rouse's to pick up beverages & pay for keg. Rene & Kami will do keg/ice pick up, Kate has offered to pick-up Lebanon's food. Getting additional tent from Kady. Volunteers to be at the park at 12:45 (Susie, Kate, Zaw) - Maille on hand for drink set-up, Kathi, Mina coming later and focusing on Bertrand's backyard. Need to make sure we have enough people at the end for clean-up. Awards ceremony taking place 4pm-ish then slowly transition to Bertrand's for after-party/music.


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